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(pls pin) Mafia: Vanilla Championships (sign ups closed)


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Suspicions list:

1. MikeyBoy44

2. Beluga Whale

3. Time Lord

4. Aladeen

5. Dr.Strangelove

6. Intoewsables

7. Fox Mulder

8. Go Faulk Yourself

9. g_bassi13

10. JohnLocke

11. Zfetch

12. Apples

13. Virtanen

I suspect there are about 3 mafia on that list. Maybe the sk too.

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why is every 3rd post getting a +1? also, getting drunk now... there's probably not an SK... or cult... or other surprises... all the rules are in the OP

I thought it was just the posts addressing the issue of inactivity, but I think you may have unearthed the true pattern.

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Being regular TP over and over is not fun, but I have to stay active, or get some reactions out of people to help.
So I thought: "When was the last time I cried?"

And I answered...2011 :(

Here are some memories:

We were 1st in goals, GAA, Powerplay percentage, points and we almost smashed some 1970's habs records.
It was the year we were meant to win, but we couldn't win when it mattered most.
The Bruins metaphorically symbolize the mafia, and I'm sure at least 3 of you reading also are mafia.
If only we won.....


Now if you guys could post more, show more emotion or something, that would be great. I don't want the mafia to be able to easily hide, so let's increase activity and find them mafia! And hopefully one day find that cup.. :(

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