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(pls pin) Mafia: Vanilla Championships (sign ups closed)


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The purpose of me coming out as the sheriff was:

a) To lynch a confirmed mafia in MikeyBoy44.

b ) To push the number of remaining mafia to just two, out of eleven players. They will only make up two elevenths of the remaining players after this round, which is not a bad amount.

c) To see the reactions of everyone regarding the questionable choice of coming out as the sheriff in the hopes that some people's suspiciousness would show.

d) To observe the subsequent votes. The timing of bandwagon votes, or even the reluctancy to vote for the intended target can be quite telling in some cases.

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By the way, I'm supposed to be on anonymous. I logged in today as non-anonymous and never logged out.

So don't use the anonymous argument in future games where I'll be anonymous all the time.

It's not too late ^ lol

If you are the sheriff I think you'll be MK'd tomorrow. On one hand, if you're telling the truth, it's great that we narrow mafia down to two. On the other, it comes at the expense of losing our only means of investigation. I guess in a small game like this that is helpful. Any other investigations only have a 1 in 11 chance of turning up mafia.

If you're not the sheriff and mikeyboy is tp, you'll be thought of as mafia and be voted out tomorrow.

I'm inclined to believe you because it wouldn't make any sense to fake a claim to only buy yourself an extra round. If only the rest of the game would be so easy.

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