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(pls pin) Mafia: Vanilla Championships (sign ups closed)


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1. MikeyBoy44 was called out early on. RIP MB44. As fate would have it, he died with a rope around his neck, instead of a whore aroud his body like he dreamed. 2. Beluga Whale was killed by the mafia because he was making bestiality porno and not giving a fair cut. 3. Time Lord rode a Tartis to hell. The last thing anyone ever saw or heard of him was a gackling "Suck on this you bloody wankers" 4. Aladeen had just made love to his favorite underaged prostidude, Virtanen, when the Vigilante killed him! 5. Dr.Strangelove was converted by the cult! He is now a father and old man, no longer cool in any way shape or form. 6. Intoewsables died in the arms of his second true love. Unfortunately, OTIS was no where to be found. 7. Fox Mulder finally made love to skully. Then died of an anal probe, origins unknown. 8. Go Faulk Yourself was killed by the 2nd mafia team ! mafia kill! They did horrible, pleasurable, horrible things to him. 9. g_bassi13 was killed by Rashida Jones. It wasn't sexy. 10. JohnLocke died. And came back to life. And died again. He eventually lost to life, 15-12. 11. Zfetch figured out life, the universe and everything, then he cried himself to death. 12. Apples was walking alone when ANOTHER mafia team sssssuurrrounded him. Apples could have saved himself, but forgot, and died. 13. Virtanen sat upon a throne of bones, rejoicing at being the last surviving player. Then he spontanously combusted. ---------------- Summary - Everyone died ---------------- Then dral sobered up and realized it was all just a very great wet dream, and night fall was actually tomorrow... hmmm, I need some more drank

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g_bassi13 was killed by Rashida Jones. It wasn't sexy.

Just FYI

Time Lord rode a Tartis to hell. The last thing anyone ever saw or heard of him was a gackling "Suck on this you bloody wankers"

Just FYI

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I was expecting a chain to start :bored:

Vote Mikey

The people who hesitated at a Sheriff claim, nevertheless a Sheriff claim in this type of format are good candidates to be mafia.
Cough* Apples, Beluga Whale and Intoews.*Cough, Cough, Cough*

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The purpose of me coming out as the sheriff was:

a) To lynch a confirmed mafia in MikeyBoy44.

b ) To push the number of remaining mafia to just two, out of eleven players. They will only make up two elevenths of the remaining players after this round, which is not a bad amount.

c) To see the reactions of everyone regarding the questionable choice of coming out as the sheriff in the hopes that some people's suspiciousness would show.

d) To observe the subsequent votes. The timing of bandwagon votes, or even the reluctancy to vote for the intended target can be quite telling in some cases.

That's fine and all, but why not come out with this information a bit later, like tomorrow? Especially since we have such a long time until nightfall. This basically kills all discussion and if you posted it tomorrow a few hours before nightfall, we can really see who the reluctant voters are.

I thought nightfall was supposed to be tomorrow? I was just trying to watch The Avengers in peace.

I just watched age of ultron tonight. i enjoyed it

Guys, I think i'm on to something.


#Nucks is creating an alt account????

#Nucks is using unfair terms????

#Nucks is sister of Big Mike?????

What could this mean!?!?

Who else would use a pound sign in their name? :lol:

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Not really anything to discuss TL claims sheriff says Mikey is mafia and that's it Mikey has to be voted out this round

It's not too late ^ lol

If you are the sheriff I think you'll be MK'd tomorrow. On one hand, if you're telling the truth, it's great that we narrow mafia down to two. On the other, it comes at the expense of losing our only means of investigation. I guess in a small game like this that is helpful. Any other investigations only have a 1 in 11 chance of turning up mafia.

If you're not the sheriff and mikeyboy is tp, you'll be thought of as mafia and be voted out tomorrow.

I'm inclined to believe you because it wouldn't make any sense to fake a claim to only buy yourself an extra round. If only the rest of the game would be so easy.

Okay well for the sake of getting some discussion going... these 2 posts are interesting.

If you read through them carefully (especially fox), you will realize that both these posts literally say nothing. All of us are experienced mafia players. They stated the obvious, especially fox.

Literally everyone here knows what might happen and the scenarios that might play out. Reiterating those points in the thread seem like a pointless way to look like you're contributing to the discussion.

Now, I won't say they're mafia because if MB is mafia, chances are very slim that they both are mafia, but Fox and Strangeglove are suspicious in my books.


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