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(pls pin) Mafia: Vanilla Championships (sign ups closed)


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If TL is telling the truth, MBs reaction or lack of reaction to being outed as mafia would seem to imply that he too is mafia unless this was all prearranged by TL and MB. So we should switch the vote but next round MB would be a damn good lynch target as it stands now.

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Time for some analysis. I'm assuming Mikeyboy is mafia. Please explain if you think differently.

vote MB pretty silly to come out TL... Now we have no more sheriff.

Normal post, but this almost seems to calm for Aladeen.

You're joking right TL? There's no doc so you're dundies after this round if you're serious.

Hmmm... Is TP BW like this usually?

unvote vote mb

i think tl is just joking around, probably not the actual sheriff

No idea how to interpret this.

I'm assuming this is a joke because there's no way the real sheriff would be coming out in a game without a doctor ... right?

Normal post for both TP Toews and mafia Toews.

Wouldn't matter anymore anyways if he was joking or not. He pretty much just bought himself a first round exit from the game. Mafia will kill him regardless now as he's made himself the ideal target.

Very odd post IMO. However GFY's odd posts don't confirm him as mafia. When he's mafia, he sort of just stays in the background.

But I'm watching you GFY.

Vote Mb

Guess there's 2 more to go. Not a bad move

Sketchy Virtanen is sketchy.

Yeah from the mafia's point of view lol. Virt confirmed mafia.

1 to go :P

Leaning towards TP now for BW

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Regardless, vote Mikeyboy44.


Unvote; Vote Mikeyboy44


You seem a little too confident about that.

Normal for Toews

unvote vote mikeyboy


Unvote Vote Mikeyboy


I see you lurking TL. Are you really the sheriff? Or is the mikeyboy accusation a joke?

If Mikey is somehow TP, Fox is probably mafia. Otherwise I'm leaning heavily towards TP.

Was first nightfall tonight?

Mafia strategy, or did he not get a PM and therefore was confused?

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Thread will be dead tomorrow.
Well at any rate we're still in pretty decent shape with only two mafia to go.
Vote MichaelBoy44


It's not too late ^ lol

If you are the sheriff I think you'll be MK'd tomorrow. On one hand, if you're telling the truth, it's great that we narrow mafia down to two. On the other, it comes at the expense of losing our only means of investigation. I guess in a small game like this that is helpful. Any other investigations only have a 1 in 11 chance of turning up mafia.

If you're not the sheriff and mikeyboy is tp, you'll be thought of as mafia and be voted out tomorrow.

I'm inclined to believe you because it wouldn't make any sense to fake a claim to only buy yourself an extra round. If only the rest of the game would be so easy.

John Locke pointed out how this post really says not much at all. But I still think this is TP Fox.

I was expecting a chain to start :bored:

Vote Mikey

The people who hesitated at a Sheriff claim, nevertheless a Sheriff claim in this type of format are good candidates to be mafia.

Cough* Apples, Beluga Whale and Intoews.*Cough, Cough, Cough*


Normal for Zfetch, but I'm never sure about him.

That's fine and all, but why not come out with this information a bit later, like tomorrow? Especially since we have such a long time until nightfall. This basically kills all discussion and if you posted it tomorrow a few hours before nightfall, we can really see who the reluctant voters are.

Seems like something a TP would say. BTW I'm usually pretty accurate with JL's faction.

Not really anything to discuss TL claims sheriff says Mikey is mafia and that's it Mikey has to be voted out this round


Okay well for the sake of getting some discussion going... these 2 posts are interesting.

If you read through them carefully (especially fox), you will realize that both these posts literally say nothing. All of us are experienced mafia players. They stated the obvious, especially fox.

Literally everyone here knows what might happen and the scenarios that might play out. Reiterating those points in the thread seem like a pointless way to look like you're contributing to the discussion.

Now, I won't say they're mafia because if MB is mafia, chances are very slim that they both are mafia, but Fox and Strangeglove are suspicious in my books.


Again, I think he's TP.

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