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(pls pin) Mafia: Vanilla Championships (sign ups closed)


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I'm not implying anything but let's just say I've banged my german milf supervisor several times ;)

If by German MILF you mean German Man In Lederhosen and Fat. Then I totally believe you!
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Gonna be a quiet round then?

Nothing to really talk about now. And if MB ends up mafia then there's not much to talk about even in future rounds. Voting patterns are not even really worth analyzing from these two rounds and once there's only one mafia left it's basically just guesswork to weed him out.

Thanks for ruining the fun TL.

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Hmm this place is deader than Harper's chance at re-election

Apologizes for disappearing for most of round one but I was traveling home finally. I agree with the Mikeyboy vote due to his reaction or lack there of to being "confirmed mafia". I have to say I'm a bit pissed at TL for ruining our fun for this round by giving us a great lynch target but then again if he was right we end up with 2 mafia dead in round 2 so I'm not that pissed.

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While I have an idea to really get the last Mafia because this how I believe they would play in a game of 13 (That's if Mikey is Mafia), I suggest a few things to weed out the last one. Look for pointless follow ups to peoples posts to blend in (Simply agreeing with someone adding on the obvious is an example), or people who have tried to forcefully look active or apart of the discussion (Kind of follows the same context).

I fee like people like Dr. Strangelove or Apples aren't Mafia because in a game like this, once again, barring Mikey is Mafia, they'd try to blend in as much as possible. So people like myself, BW, Intoewsables, etc. are better targets.

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So people like myself, BW, Intoewsables, etc. are better targets.

Did you just label yourself as a better target?

GFY = confirmed mafia.

Also, I would think that the mafia would put up a better fight if Mikey was mafia.(Only 2 mafia left)

Vote GFY

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Why would the other mafia member associate himself with Michael when he's all but lynched?

If Mikey was mafia, wouldn't you think someone would start the slightest push? I doubt anyone other than Virt would want to MVP it as a 1 man mafia team.

Anyway, I mostly put that out there so I either look like a genius, or so that I cold get some reactions like yours.

If Mikey comes up Mafia, then I don't look genius, but we get that much closer to winning.

Win-Win scenario ;)

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