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(NHL/NBA) Sodo Arena in Seattle environmental review is complete

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even if the tukwila stadium is the one that gets built, the team will still be named the "seattle" something or others.

Yeah I know...just having some fun :P

Though they might also go with "Washington" (see: Florida, Arizona).

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No, Washington's pretty unique as it's a district due to how the US formed as a collection of states. Nothing's "like" Washington D.C.

No... I'm just saying that there's already a Washington team (and it's not like the NY situation).

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I've said it so many times but I'll repeat it again...

This was always going to happen ever since the building permit was approved.

2015-16: Barclay's Centre gets the Isles.

2016-17: Vegas enters. Expansion draft. Florida relocates to QC. Rogers Place opens in Edm.

2017-18: Phoenix relocates to KC. New Joe Louis Arena.

2018-19: Seattle expansion and draft. New Ottawa Arena downtown.

2019-20: New Calgary Arena.

If it goes anything like this that's 9 new arenas which will all be close to capacity at higher revenues that currently being taken in.

The NHL doesn't need the Cdn dollar to go up to par to increase revenue.

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I would love it if at some point in time both Seattle and Portland had NHL teams it would make travel so much easier for the Canucks and it would be a lot easier to see them on the road.

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