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Ownership and Fans Disconnect.


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It doesn't make sense financially or ethically to tank for a few seasons, as the OP is eluding to.

There is no one way to win a cup, and just because a vocal minority are spouting off, and just because some others "promise" to keep paying attention while we suck, ownership is running a business and has to act accordingly. This isn't EA sports.

Perpetual face palm with this fan base, good grief.

Franchise Center

#2 Centre that could be #1 on 1/2 the teams in the league

Franchise D man

Couple of thug shut down D men

Wild thing

players that feed off the Wild thing

roll player who up their game in the playoffs

Goalie that does not let in soft goals especially in the last half of a game or series

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Here's our future:










We're set as far as forwards go. We just need to get some quality D.

You actually think all those guys will be on the roster in the next couple of years?

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