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Which quote should I keep in my sig?


Which quote should I keep in my sig?  

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Pretty self explanatory, I need help deciding which to keep.

I feel desi has about a billion sig-worthy quotes but then nergish really scaled back on his to make it less impactful. Which would you choose as a "quote me on this" worthy statement to keep until next season?

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who cares.

Maybe I should use yours? Would that make you feel better?

I'm not sure what you're expecting out of White Noise.

Dude. Just pick a quote by me. Instant hits. 10/10. Barack Obama calls the home phone.

To be clear, this isn't an honour...

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Desi's quote is pretty solid if you ask me. He's convinced Sanguinetti is the next Bobby Orr or something despite being 27 with 45 NHL games under his belt. But yeah, if we let him go this summer he'll win a Norris next year and be the sole reason for JB's demise.

Yeah, the manlove is endlessly amusing to me.

That and any other 'WE WILL REGRET....!' post he makes.

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