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Poetry time with Jazz: "Busy Bee"


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Okay, so I have a short poem, and I thought I'd share... it's called "Busy Bee".

Busy bee, busy bee,

Why are you so busy?
Busy bee, busy bee,
Always in a tizzy.
Busy bee, busy bee,
Thank you for the honey.
Busy bee, busy bee,
I owe you more than money.
Busy bee, busy bee,
I hope it never ends.
Busy bee, busy bee,

You’re my only friend.
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When I go to my Gram's house

She makes me ice-t

Then I hop in the shower

And take a nice pee

I dry myself off

And go to the kitchen

I see a bowl of candy

My lips I am lickin

I go for the tootsie

And untwist the wrapper

When suddenly I realize

But I'm not a rapper


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Extremely rare!!!!! Wow poem found of Lil B collect this and spread around basedworld!!!!! - Lil B

Cause I’m young basedlord
It’s the based world pain, Based world paradise
Gotta be based to feel the music
Imma tell you like this, based freestyle on my mind one time
Only time I feel you, is if a based boy do

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