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Poetry time with Jazz: "Busy Bee"


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Now listen to me brother

That's me after doing your mother

Judging by your avatar though,

You ain't even mad

Maybe you should stop and listen to me

if he is your brother then you share the same family tree

thus making your statement alarming and sick

we dont need to hear who got your.... time

you see that? Thats how fred durst rhymes

He wont make it obvious at the end of each line

he'll setup the perfect word and you'll think its coming

but he'll switch it up and he'll leave you walking.

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i fall in love with you quicker,

the more i drink the liquor,

the night we rode on the wings of silence,

we found each other in the arms of solace,

when i wake up and see you there,

that final point of no return,

our love has been confirmed,

if, on that final drop of liquor,

if you're there to top me up,

our love shall last forever.

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