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Mafia: Vanilla Championships Game 2 (Townspeople Win!)


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Nightfall: Night Two


The angry mob came with their pitchforks and flames and drew closer to Mr. Rick Grimes. They had finally had enough of his "Coral" jokes. It was terribly insensitive to be joking so soon after mum died (SPOILER ALERT). Knowing he only had hours to live, Rick went out and found Carl and attempted one last joke.


And with that final joke, Rick decided that he would choose his own fate. He calmly went into his bedroom and hung himself.

Meanwhile, the Mafia was angry that one of their own had been lynched the night prior. They were seeking some fresh blood. They found Aladeen on his way back from the doctors for his hemorrhoids. The mafia was fed up from Aladeen's lack of respect when he asked his pregnant wife if she was having a boy or an abortion. They cornered him in a dark alley and sliced him open. His guts spilled onto the ground as he gasped his final breath.


Zfetch - Lynched

Mikeyboy44 - Mafia Killed

Rick Grimes - Lynched

Aladeen - Mafia Killed

And then there were 9...

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Otherwise or Virt.

Waste it on me if you want and let me into the alliance if there is one. I'm done school for the week so I'll have more time to contribute.


If you have some time, doing an epic recap would be awesome, I'd ask Toews or Zfetch, but they're dead

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I'm eating triscuit crackers in the dark. Not completely dark, I can see the silhouette of my cat staring at me through the tiny candle I have on my desk.


No point in being dramatic if you're not going to be melodramatic... so then who would you investigsate... alone... in the dark?

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Well, if you are the sheriff, and not just faking a claim. I'd start with otherwise or virt. They stand out to me for laying low. I haven't been the most active player myself, but I haven't seen any posts from either of them to indicate whether they are to or mafia. That jumps out at me on first glance as trying to blend in. In a game where there are only 3 mafia, it makes inactive people more suspicious than if there were 9 or 10.

Until I can look through the thread proper(not just on my iPhone)that's all I have to offer. Maybe hold off on your investigation until tomorrow morning, it will give people a little more time to contribute(hopefully)

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