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Mafia: Vanilla Championships Game 2 (Townspeople Win!)


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Yeah I honestly thought he was tp, but when Aladeen came out as the sheriff with less than an hour to go there was really no one else to vote for.

Also, where did the MVP go?

Not that he was being un-Grimes like, but all he did was talk about how he was completely lost, or post gifs in response to Aladeen. His pinning down on Aladaeen, and then being the most viable alternative when Aladeen came out made for too much of a coincidence not to vote for him.

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IMO Virt, Hashtag, or otherwise.

Virt for his inactivity/non-presence. Also his voting on GFY being a non-factor, while he was conveniently absent for a down to the wire vote between 2 TP lynch targets.

Hashtag everything above.

As for otherwise:

vote grimes too many gifs

Like what even is this?
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What do I have to say lol? There's really not much to say. I'm simply following Dral because he's the Sheriff, which I'm surprised most of you aren't doing. He obviously has more insight considering he's investigated people.

How very reasonable of you.

Sounds like mafia GFY to me :P And I haven't said that for a while!

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Here's a recap based on how I read the thread w/o quotes. If you want quotes, read the thread and maybe you'll get something different out of it.

Round 1:

Zfetch immediately draws attention to himself.

Dral votes Virt, then Zfetch, then gfy, then otherwise

I call out Zfetch, vote for him

Lots of non-game related talk

Dral piling on GFY

Zfetch, Mikey dead

Round 2:

Aladeen and Grimes vote Dral

I vote Dral

GFY votes Dral

Dral claims to be the first to call out Z, votes Aladeen

Virt confident Dral and Bassi are tp, thinks GFY and I are mafia, votes GFY

Dral follows, then Aladeen

Beluga defends GFY and me

Beluga does a recap

Dral votes Grimes

Dral claims to be spokesman

Dral on the defensive

Beluga apologizes to Dral, unvote huim, gives no reason why

Aladeen claims sheriff

Aladeen says to follow Dral

Grimes, Aladeen dead

Round 3:

Dral asks who should be investigated

I say otherwise or Virt

GFY says he's following Dral because he's the sheriff

People throwing suspicions around

50 minutes before nightfall and no idea who I'm going to vote for.

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