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Mafia: Vanilla Championships Game 2 (Townspeople Win!)


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I guess Dral is a good bet to be tp. I'm counting myself as tp.

That leaves 2 of Virt, Beluga, GFY, #, TL, Bassi, and otherwise as mafia.

My gut is telling me that GFY and Beluga are tp. Virt 50/50.

Voting for the one of the other 4 gives me a 50/50 shot at a hit.

Vote TL. It's a hunch. I don't suggest bandwagoning unless you're sure.

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Here's a recap based on how I read the thread w/o quotes. If you want quotes, read the thread and maybe you'll get something different out of it.

Round 1:

Zfetch immediately draws attention to himself.

Dral votes Virt, then Zfetch, then gfy, then otherwise

I call out Zfetch, vote for him

Lots of non-game related talk

Dral piling on GFY

Zfetch, Mikey dead

Round 2:

Aladeen and Grimes vote Dral

I vote Dral

GFY votes Dral

Dral claims to be the first to call out Z, votes Aladeen

Virt confident Dral and Bassi are tp, thinks GFY and I are mafia, votes GFY

Dral follows, then Aladeen

Beluga defends GFY and me

Beluga does a recap

Dral votes Grimes

Dral claims to be spokesman

Dral on the defensive

Beluga apologizes to Dral, unvote huim, gives no reason why

Aladeen claims sheriff

Aladeen says to follow Dral

Grimes, Aladeen dead

Round 3:

Dral asks who should be investigated

I say otherwise or Virt

GFY says he's following Dral because he's the sheriff

People throwing suspicions around

50 minutes before nightfall and no idea who I'm going to vote for.

I'm flying under the radar on here ;)

This all makes you look very good for being a TP.

Convenient :P;)

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I'm flying under the radar on here ;)

This all makes you look very good for being a TP.

Convenient :P;)

It is what it is :P I haven't been very active this game. There's nothing here that anybody shouldn't already know. If Aladeen hadn't have come out and said that he'd investigated Dral, he would be suspect number one for me.

If more people did there own mini review, I think we'd be closer to getting rid of the last two.

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Nightfall: Night Three

The string of inactivity has finally caught up to Otherwise. The townspeople were unimpressed with the lack of contribution. Otherwise otherwise may have otherwise had a chance to save otherwise. Buttttttt..... she will be lynched now.

The mafia decided they have had enough of Dral. They were getting real tired of his crap and put an end to him. According to UrbanDictionary, Dral means...

n. A word used to mean a chubby girl that thinks she is "all that." The word dral originates from spelling the word 'lard' backwards.

n. Word used in place of a name of someone who just disgusts you in general.


Zfetch - Lynched

Mikeyboy44 - Mafia Killed

Rick Grimes - Lynched

Aladeen - Mafia Killed

Otherwise - Lynched

Dral - Mafia Killed

No one is at risk of being godkilled.

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