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Mafia: Vanilla Championships Game 2 (Townspeople Win!)


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If you consider that a lot then you're negatively contributing to this game. Those weren't a lot of posts. At this point I honestly don't care who's mafia and who's TP, all I care about is keeping mafia as fun as it used to be.

Unvote ; Vote Mikey

Id say anything more than one post is a lot for a person claiming to have quit. Sounds to me like he either needs to go outside or trying to keep us from voting him. But dont worry fetch next round its your turn.

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hello, mafia.

how have you been??

Sorry I haven't posted anything, yet, but, Idk who mackenze stuart is which considering there are a lot of Raiders highlights on the news I normally watch, is not a good thing. I have googled him and found out he was born deaf and didn't start playing hockey til he was 12.

As for the rest of this game nothing is really jumping out as gotta be mafia. and apples isn't playing so I'll have to think about who to vote for.

so that will be at least 2 posts in one day, pretty impressive, isn't it?

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I haven't played for a little bit... But I don't remember Dral quitting before

I think he successfully did from at least one game since Zodiac. He also heavily persisted and tried to get himself killed during one of mine. And he's at least said similar things with varying degrees of conviction on other occasions.

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I'm pretty sure I quit at least every other game... also pretty sure I've quit at least twice one time... anyways, in a game like this, with only 3 mafia... would you stick your neck out - call everyone out, try to get people talking...? or would you lay low and let the TP lynch themselves? Those who think I'm suspicious don't know what the word means

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In a game with so few mafia, the mafia are more likely to stick their neck out to save their teammates.

Thats personally what I was thinking with Zfetch.


Weird reasoning by #Nucks

Dral is probably TP

Otherwise is trying to look active but looks really suspicious right now

Vote #Nucks

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