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Mafia: Vanilla Championships Game 2 (Townspeople Win!)


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Vote count:

Zfetch - 2 votes: Fox, gfy

Otherwise - 2 votes: BW, Dral

Mikeyboy - 1 vote: Zfetch

GFY - 1 vote: TL

Grimes - 2 votes: Grimes, otherwise

#nux - 1 vote: Aladeen

Dral - 2 votes: Mikeyboy, #nux

Haven't casted votes: mvp and bassi

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Frack I gotta come out.

I'm the vig. When JL said he was adding a few roles, this is what he meant.
I'm also in contact with the sheriff as they investigated me.

The sheriff considers Dral as his/her top suspect so...

Unvote; Vote Dral

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