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Mafia: Vanilla Championships Game 2 (Townspeople Win!)


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Nightfall: Night One


The angry town mob needed someone to hang. Zfetch, having suspiciously made himself into a prime target, stood there trembling and pooping a little. He thought his perfect mafia strategy was GOAT. However, it was more like WOAT. Right before he was hung, he declared, "I'm the vig! No wait, I'm the Doctor! No wait, I'm anything but mafia! Please don't hang me!" However, the testosterone filled townspeople would hear none of it and replied, "Stop trying to make Zfetch happen. It's not going to happen!" Zfetch was hung. His girlfriend boyfriend stood there gasping and crying to the cruel world. Why? Why? Why?

Meanwhile, the mafia went out in the night and chose to slaughter one of the townspeople. They had their sights set on Mikeyboy44. They discovered where the 44th mikeyboy lived and crept in and slit his throat in his sleep, leaving the other 43 Mikeyboys short one Mikeyboy for their Mikeyboy army.


Zfetch - Lynched

Mikeyboy44 - Mafia Killed

And then there were 11...

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out of those who've voted for me so far, I figure vote Aladeen is the way to go - he hasn't contributed anything so far, dispite having a pretty high post count

I was basing my vote off of hashtag saying that you and the zfeltch were in cahoots and that you just generally want to be killed off anyways. But GFY is good I'm not sure how come we are listening to Virt on the subject of who is mafia but if GFY is innocent then Virt is an easy vote next round.

unvote Dral; vote GFY

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