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How to be popular/not a loner¿?

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Alright real life guide on how to be popular:

1. Look in the mirror and think to yourself "Whos that sexy Tiger Singh on the wall?" After a while you'll realize it's yourself and you will gain confidence.

2. Go up to the hottest girl you know and tell her you've taken her brother hostage. Don't ask why, just do it.

FINAL STEP(DON'T FORGET IT): Learn how to eat wood. Grind it up until you make into a powder, and then put some in your morning protein shake.
1 scoop Whey.
1 scoop Door.

Once you're finished eating the whole door, brag to everyone at your school on how you ate a door.

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Tell the cool kids your name is Zack Sawyer and that you just transferred to that school from some rich, expensive, sex-havin, car-driving high school.

Then just tell them stuff is lame...everything is lame.

Finally, tell them you wear long-sleeve shirts under short-sleeve shirts under long-sleeve shirts.

It's guaranteed to check-mate their teenage cynicism and make you popular.

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What is the origin of your gif ^^

Found it on the Pass It to Bulis blog and Harrison Mooney didn't even know where it came from. But he summed up my thoughts nicely when he said "I don’t know what this is. I don’t know why it was made. I just don’t know. But by gum, I love it. The face Hansen makes when the trio turns to the side… just perfect."

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Seriously, sports are at the heart of adolescent well being.

be active in sport or have a hobby and like minded people will be interested. Thats what ya want bud. PM me if u want. I came from a very small school into a great big one and amdist my family trouble and being poor, I had a great time in high school

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On the off chance that you aren't terrified of a big earthquake... if you really want to be happy in highschool (and life in general) you have to stop caring about what the majority of people around you think... care about yourself and what makes you happy. Dont try and impress people, but be nice to everyone - even the geekiest, weirdest person could be a best friend in hiding...

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Okay thanks for the replies guys, but I have another question. So I was texting a guy and I told him who I liked and he took screenshots and is threatening to post it on ask.fm

Do u guys know how to stop this? Or does anyone know how to hack his account or something, thanks


The BEST thing you can do, is tell the person who you like that you like them... worst case scenario, they don't like you and forget about you in a few days... best case scenario, they like you as well... either way, your buddy has nothing over you

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Dral, I can't quote on my iPod, but I used to be terrified of an earthquake, but I got over that


I was referring to the fact that considering your join date, you sound like someone who might have just recently been banned ;)

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