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How to be popular/not a loner¿?

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Seriously kid, maybe it wasn't the best idea to ask for advice in a forum full of retards

Best advice I can give you , is if you know a cool kid in ur class that has a group of friends you would like to hang out with

Maybe try becoming friends with him and slide in the crew

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Found it on the Pass It to Bulis blog and Harrison Mooney didn't even know where it came from. But he summed up my thoughts nicely when he said "I don’t know what this is. I don’t know why it was made. I just don’t know. But by gum, I love it. The face Hansen makes when the trio turns to the side… just perfect."

thats one of tony zambonis gifs, look in the bottom right thats his signature
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Get jacked.

Then proceed to wear sagging sweat pants, shave the sides of your head, and a flat brimmed hat with a logo a famous rapper would wear.

Recipe for success in Surrey from yours truly.

No but seriously, work out, gain confidence, then you don't have to give a duck what anybody else thinks. Play sports if you can too. Doesn't matter if your good at it or not, make relations and find your niche.

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The BEST thing you can do, is tell the person who you like that you like them... worst case scenario, they don't like you and forget about you in a few days... best case scenario, they like you as well... either way, your buddy has nothing over you


Dral laying down some serious life advice.

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I hated school and had a small tight group of friends until grade 9 then I moved from Kelowna to Surrey and found it tough to meet new friends. I was content basically having no friends after grade 9 besides a couple of people who were close to me and a girlfriend I had for 3 years.

Don't sweat high school. It's a very unimportant time in your life in the grand scheme of things. Try to enjoy it ,be yourself

Ppl lose contact with most of their high school friends after graduation anyway as everyone goes their separate ways , moves etc. you make the more meaningful relationships in college and work after school.

I was a socially awkward and " weird " kid in school. Now I'm 28, married and happy.

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The BEST thing you can do, is tell the person who you like that you like them... worst case scenario, they don't like you and forget about you in a few days... best case scenario, they like you as well... either way, your buddy has nothing over you

or they can bitch about it for 5 years and ruin your life (high school career). True story, happened at my school

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My advice, join a sport or a hobby in High school and honestly just do your homework at lunch. Be a library nerd, you won't regret it when you are getting good grades.

Look high school is interesting, its not hard to not be cool, but if you just start hanging out with the wrong crew and guess what you will be into weed and more before you know it. Be urself, high school is over-rated and I know what loneliness can do to a teenager. The part of fitting in is being yourself, but yeah high school do have there consistent jerks in every group. Look, there is no need to stand around crews if you are not comfortable, do something that makes you comfortable. One advice, if you want to be noticed, work on your overall appearance, eg your body shape, or just become a meat heat- lol high school kids are easy to impress,

Be yourself, and yes if your a girl stay patient and find the right friends, please don't become a slut, you will regret it!

If you still want to be cool

1. work on your appearance, look, muscle tone blah

2. know how to talk

3. be confident

4. be yourself

If you still want to over come your loneliness find people like you or just find a girl. Find the hottest girl at your school and instantly you will be cool haha high school is so funny I don't even know if your a girl or guy, the advice I have given is pretty much for a guy.

Oh yeah if your a guy in Surrey at high school, you better learn to fight. Join mma you won't regret it.

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Dral laying down some serious life advice.


HA! you want some real serious life advice... get a hair cut and get a real job :P something something something look like a slob... whateves... it's true though, the only regrets in life I have are the things I DIDN"T do...

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I saw one person on here give good serious advice that helped me big time.


Drums, guitar, bass. Something you can play in a band.

I swear the amount of girls I had around just because I was a good musician.

And you make lots of good friends by having something in common.

It's a great skill to have , the feeling of playing a song or playing a show is incredible.

And girls love musicians.

You can be as awkward as you want. Totally fine. It's because you are artistic. Lol

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you should prob tell that girl you like her.

Either way that guy won't have anything on you.


oh yeah, and you're only saying that cause you're angry some guy didn't tell you he liked you! BLAH! ssss'ok, I'm progressive... I'm angry at a couple girls I knew back in the day who liked me and they didn't say anything either... lets form a club

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