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How to get over a cold in one day?


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hot water, lemon, ginger root, honey

garlic and onions.

I'm feeling a bit better right now, but if I have an emergency, I'll try these out. Thanks, guys!

Watch some p0rn

Um, thanks, but no thanks.

i told someone to stop having herpes one time. apparently thats an offensnive thing to say

I don't see how...

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no one wnts to hear the trusth. someone calls me an alcoholic, and im like, if i ca put together a basic senteannce and you can somehow understand me , we're all gravy ^__^

Google (2) is reading this thread

how many gooles are there

Guess we're gravy then!

I don't know, but I've seen Bing and Facebook on here as well. Someone's up to something...

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A very hot shower usually helps me feel better for a few hours when I'm sick. Especially if its a sinus infection. T1's are bomb af if you have a cough, and in general. Booze helps too but I doubt you want to drank if you want to go to work so I'd just stick with the first two.

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Hey guys, I'm sick right now, and I really want to go back to work tonight. Do you guys have any remedies that work in one day?

Drink red wine and eat turkey. Eat ice cream and ice cream bars too. Do lots of excercise. Take shorter sleeps.

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