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help. I heard that Fallout: Shelter wasnt going to be on android... Is this true?

Cannot confirm; however, that's what it sounded like. Looks like they worked alongside apple.Downloaded it on my ipad

Also here's the footage.


Extra Gameplay (Shelter App, Fallout 4 Crafting and more)

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Microsoft is going to be a pretty hard act to follow.

That backwards compatibility drop came out of nowhere.

I'm just excited for the Rare games collection.

Im kind of sad now that I opted to not be a member of Preview Program. Would of been nice to have early access to 360 games.

I opted out because members get the monthly updates a month early and I found it usually caused lag/glitches to my Xbox. If New Vegas is on the preview members list ill be sad.

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I hope sony looks into what Microsoft is doing. I would love to able to put my ps3 away for good and just have all my games playable on the 4. If sony doesnt do this then I picked the wrong system.

Yeah. So is it just a software update by Microsoft or is it hardware added to new models? I didn't watch any of the coverage so I have no idea.

The only reason I want to upgrade to the current gen is for sports games, Uncharted, and KH3 lol. Everything else is nice, but not really enough for me to upgrade yet.

Edit: Also, are the consoles region-locked at all? I know the PS3 wasn't (except for a very limited few) and I believe the 360 was freed after awhile too.

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