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wut should my work nickname be?

Twilight Sparkle

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so, like, i've had to adapt to constant changes with like 3 different head chefs in 5 months. our new head chef (who seems to be stickin around for long term) wants me to come up with a nickname for myself. that puts me under the spot light and i dont really like that, because i'm always like "uhhhhh" forever. i just want to be called by my real name, but i need a gimmick. he wants to call me "killshot" because of my precision but i think that name's kinda lame

before anyone says my nickname should be twilight sparkle, it's already on my list, just to hear, "okay! twilight! i need a pesto salmon from you with this stupid mod!"

so like whoever comes up with a name that isn't lame, i'll demand to be called that ;D

one of my coworkers came up with "sugar tits" so, be creative

The following nicknames you should consider:







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