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(discussion) (proposal) stale core and getting younger

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So all yr we won more than i thought we would but it was evident that this teams not mean or strong enough. we need to resign kenins, corrado, stanton, vey, baerchi, clendenning with little to no cap space. As well virtanen, shinkaruk, pedan, cassels, gaunce will push for spots.

1. our goalie situation is a log jam miller to san jose with jensen for their first if we retain 2 mill of his salary would leave lack as our starter (hes only reason we made playoffs) markstrom as a backup would be solid tandem pushing each other. Meanwhile jensen hasnt exactly done much to make big team needs a fresh start like baerchi did in calgary we couod draft zacha and be set at center for next 15 yrs (horvat, zacha, cassels, mccann, gaunce ) huge depth to replace sedin kesler laps manny as future core also frees 4 mill in space.

2. log jam on soft no show forwards (higgins, richardson, mattias)

i say keep hansen for fourth line. trade higgins for a second or third we need to get younger, trade richardson and mattias rights for picks. these 3 arent the most physical players even with mattias size we need more guys like kenins who hits a ton and is a wrecking ball. i miss seeing bertuzzi crushing dmen in corners kassian is our only physical guy in top six. we also need a center who can win a faceoff. frees 3 spots and 2.5 mill in space.

3. trade hamhuis cant have a dman getting paid 4.5 mill only scoring one goal all yr and being a turn over machine his stock is still high seeing hes playing well on team canada at champion ships and olympics

get a decent dman prospect for future in trade. frees 4.5 mill as well

4. vrbata while i love the guy alot of teams will want his 30 goal scoring ability (pens, isles, wings, nashville, jets, boston) sell him to highest bidder for best 1st rounder and a decent prospect

5.sign best 4th line center on face-offs will help team with puck possession and less end of games collapses and try and sign a ppqb on free agency

6. buyout burrows if he wont waive ntc frees up 1.5 mill in space we need to get younger if he waives retain 1.75 mill space bunch of teams will pay a decent price for him

sedin sedin kassian

baerchi bonino virtanen

kenins horvat hansen

dorsett 4th c grenier


edler tanev

clendenning bieska

sbisa corrado





cassels, cederholm, sauntner, subban, shinkaruk, pedan, liberati, mackenzie, petit, grenier,

chl mccann

leaves team with bunch of draft picks and a ton of cap even if half these moves are made team will be going in right direction what do you all think benning should do

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