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Most & Least Deserving Fan Bases of Final 4 Teams


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Rangers probably deserve it the most. Solid fan base that hasn't won it in quite a while. Anaheim or TB probably have the worst, least deserving fan bases. I wouldnt mind any of them winning it.

Tampa actually has a pretty decent following. I think you're just biased against them because they're in Florida.

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Chicago is hands down the least deserving. Setting aside all the fairweatherness or any other criticism of the fanbase, they have seen as close to a dynasty as you'll get in the Salary cap era. No fanbase "deserves" a Stanley Cup, but Chicago can share the wealth a little.

i hate the blackhawks as much as anyone else, but to call them fairweather fans is a bit harsh and misleading. they had an unprecedented situation between 99-07. it's not like they stopped following the team because of the poor results, it was much more than that. and chicago was a strong hockey market during the 80s and the 90s if i'm not mistaken.

how about los angeles and anaheim? after all the championships and the playoff runs, both cities are still beyond pathetic in terms of tv ratings. so the popularity of the bruins, blackhawks and the penguins can't be based on their success alone.

and even though i don't give a flying fck about any american team except the wild and the sabres, i would rather see chicago and new york in the final instead of those florida p*ssies and the walt disney sissyboys. way too many gary bettman towns have won the stanley cup. enough is enough

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IMO New York is the most deserving by far. They have a huge fan base and have only won 1 Cup in the past 75 years, and that was over 20 years ago now. I guess that as a Canucks fan, I have sympathy for the for the fans who don't get to see their team win it all very often (or at all).

All 3 of the other teams have won in the past 11 years, while Anaheim and Tampa have only been around for a little over 20 as franchises. Chicago fans went through some tough times with their previous owner blacking out games, but they've won 2 Cups very recently, share the love guys.

But that being said, I definitely want to see the Lightning win it all this year.

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