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was jensen not good enough last preseason?


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Fans sure underestimate the value of Hansen around here. I would be over the moon if Jensen could step into Hansen's role on the team, but he doesn't have near the skills (other than the speed). He has no grit, no defence and I doubt he would pot 16g in a season either.

I wouldn't say I am underestimating the role of Hansen. More and more good teams are being built around players like him. One of the new paradigms in the NHL is the fast bottom six as opposed to the big bottom six player, though big and fast is better. The Rangers and Wild are really built this way and the Canucks were in 2011. Wave after wave of fast guys that are solid positionally.

Really helps to activate the D when the forwards have the speed and awareness to step in and cover. Not a bad role for a young player to step into and see if scoring develops later. As you said though, Jensen so far has not developed the properties necessary to step into this role other than speed. Benning is trying to get him to adjust his expectations and approach to bottom six player which is something he has shown no inclination to do.

It feels like a waste though because this team is very short on finishers which is what he initially looked like, used a first round pick (albeit a low one) on a player that now we hope can develop into a bottom six forward and it really is looking like he is going to end up a solid european professional not an NHL player if he can't adjust his game.

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I never figured out why we didn't pick Rakell in that draft. Oh well.

It's easy to say we should have done this or that, but Jenner , Rackell, Saad and Jensen all have similar size and reasonably good numbers up to their draft season, it just turns into a crap shoot then. Jensen certainly looks the part but let's himself down by lacking that angry inner pit bull quality that the others possess.

I get frustrated when the Canucks draft picks don't pan out, but if he doesn't make it to the NHL it's all on him as he has a great set up in Utica....you can't blame the coaching staff or the conditions as it won't ever get better for him.

In the past a lot of the Canucks prospects could legitimately have a complaint about how they were developed but that just isn't the case right now. If you don't make it to the bigs it's all on you.

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Jensen scored a goal. RIP this thread.

It's just one goal. Let's see if Jensen can produce more the rest of the way.

There is a reason why Baertschi was drafted way ahead of Jensen in the same draft year and he has been far more consistent in the regular season and the playoffs.

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Im not sure this idea to modify his game to play a bottom six role is realistic, he is about as far from being a Hansen type as you can get.

He has NHL size, but his reluctant physical play goes a long way to making this irrelevant.

A giant chip on his shoulder might go a long way to remedy the problem. But can you teach something like that?

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