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I think OV will come through, he pretty much has to at this point. It will mean lots for him to get a gold for Russia. Furthermore you guys would be surprised at how many people care about this tournament out of North America. I was on a Russian stream site were guy was trolling Canada saying they never won this tournament in 7 years. Funny thing is we dont even care about this lol

Anyhow I hope we win, but win or lose it won't bother me.

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Almost doesn't seem fair that Ovi shows up for one game and is guaranteed a medal. Possible that he plays 2 and gets a gold.

Crosby has not been that dominant ... few players on Team Canada are more productive than he is but he seems to turn it on in the gold medal games so hope he plays lights out to join that Triple Gold Club or whatever you call it ... Olympics, SC, and World.

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