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[Proposal] Vancouver - Columbus

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With Ryan Johansen being a great long term fit with Vancouver once the Sedins have written off their remaining years, I feel like he would be a great target to pursue. Of course, it will take some tough negotiations with the Blue Jackets Management to pry away Ryan from their organization, but acquiring Ryan would be a huge boost for the Canucks. With Johansen being able to fill a big void in the top six with the Canucks for years to come! I understand that this has been brought up before, but now with Columbus reportingly scouting for defensive upgrades, now would be a good time to make some phone calls, and start the talks!


C Ryan Johansen

LW Kerby Rychel or 2015 3rd round pick


D Alex Edler

C Nick Bonino

C Jared McCann

2015 1st round pick

Obviously this is a rough estimate from what I feel is close to fair value for both organizations. Columbus does give up a big asset from their organization, but their gain some major help on defense for now and for the future. Bonino is a solid fill-in for the time being as their second or third line center, by filling in Ryan's void from the team. As well, we are giving up arguably our strongest blue-chip prospect that has the potential to develop into a first-line pivot in a few years! The 1st round pick (23rd overall) gives them another strong asset to their organization to pick for their choicing.

Vancouver ends up giving up a substantial amount of assets that does leave a large hole in their defensive core. But they gain their Vancouver-native in Johansen that more than fills their void in the top-six for now, and in the post-Sedin era.

I will not post the Canucks proposed line-up as this can vary greatly. But, of course, Ryan would most likely fill-in as a 1a center, with Henrik being the 1b, or possibly vice versa. Vancouver's defense is now lacking even more with the departure of Alexander "Respect Your Edlers," but I feel as though Benning will be able to swing a deal with Lack + to gain a competent defenseman.

Enjoy, and be kind :)

All for fun in the end, right!

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