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Best 6 Man Line Up Ever!

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I was thinking after today's IIHF tourney what's the best 5 man line you could possibly make.

Really even more interesting would be to watch the greatest game ever played. Imagine the top two teams ever built at war. No restrictions on who or what country they are from...playing in a 7 game series. A draft is held and each team chooses back and forth. SO intense I would pay massive money to watch that draft and game.

That concept hurt my ahead trying to put together so I'm just asking YOU all for your top 6 Man line existing today Including GOALIE.

I'll start

I'm considering need for skill size and talent not just who I think are the 5 most skilled players playing today SUPER HARD TO DO THIS


Drew Doughty and Erik Karlsson


Tyler Sequin, Jamie Benn , Sydney Crosby


Carey Price

Let the games begin and may the Odds ever be in your favour. (Lame I know it's all I had )

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Tyler Myers, easily one of the best forwards in the world.

Are you making fun of my choice? I seriously Think Jamie Benn s is an amazingly strong, huge power forward with a sick pair of hands ( very rare size and skill) . I'm not joking.

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