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Can I wait to see the results of this weeks bidding before nominating another player? Trying to play the position game and pick up one of the positions I'd like

Ya, but you need to get it in right after I post the results. Which will be Thursday evening.

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Just need King Heffy, Tony Romo and Calvin's Johnson to get their bids in. Also Romo needs to nominate a player or let me know if they are waiting.

For those who are waiting to nominate I do plan on posting the winners on Thursday evening, so have your nominees in Thursday night.

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Round 2 Results

Joseph Randle(RB)- TheRussianRocket($50)
Teddy Bridgewater(QB)-canuckfan_21($77)
Robert Griffin III(QB)-TheRussianRocket($30)
Ryan Matthews(RB)- Jiggs50($10)
Knile Davis(RB)- Jiggs50($21)

Remaining Money:

NucksPatFan- $50
Madness- $100
Tony Romo- $12
gmen81- $100
Calvin's Johnson- $100
Nail- $96
TheRussianRocket- $20
canuckfan_21- $2
King Heffy- $100
Jiggs50- $19

-So 2 people had bid the same amount for Randle, I told them to send in another bid, but they both sent in the same amount. I then decided to just give it the team who finished with the worse record last year.

This is what I will be doing if it happens again.

So now I just need nominees from Nail and Jiggs50

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Pleased I got the 2 players I went after. Was thinking of bidding $41 for Randle but my mind was like screw it, keep it an even number at $40 and ended up costing me an extra $10 -.-

Randle I'm surprised I got this cheap. When McFadden goes down, it'll be Randle's job and he'll run with it. If RG3 stays healthy, he'll be a top 10 fantasy QB. Him and Manning can go down any second though

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