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Mafia: Historical Mafia Players hosted by the MVP- Game has started!



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Your mom thought it tasted like pineapple

O wait wut lol

Yah she just said that to make you feel better. She said you really did try hard you were just lacking the tools. :P like a ken doll I think was her exact words :d
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well I just don't understand why this whole drama even happened. It just feels very disheartening. I was having fun with this game until this whole mess.

I would like to play games in the future but will sit the next one out because to be honest this whole situation has left a bad taste in my mouth.

You're banned for 1 year. Would be disrespectful to the game of mafia if a host allowed you to play imo

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You're banned for 1 year. Would be disrespectful to the game of mafia if a host allowed you to play imo


There is no conclusive evidence of cheating, what's with the ban?

Also I think imma get the new thread up soon just to stop this whole mess.

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If I was them, I'd honestly be too embasrassed to play anyways

Because there is not one piece of solid evidence that anyone cheated. Yes there is circumstantial evidence but IMO AJs responses make me feel confident that it's unlikely that TS cheated and even if he did AJ had no knowledge.

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Traditionally, upholding bans has been mostly up to individual hosts. But we've had so few that there's really not a set precedent. One time shiznak was banned for three or so games, and that was accepted without question. More recently, CPJ was discussed on a host-by-host basis.

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Wow guys I go to my sisters wedding and come back to this mess. Neither TS or I cheated in this game. He never saw my pms or emails. Nor did I intentionally let him know who the other mafia members in the game.

He figured I was mafia because of the fact I am ALWAYS mafia. I believe I haven't been mafia like 3 times and I play a different game when I am TP. I play way more defensively.

As for his game play, he is a lot smarter then you guys give him credit for. He had you all pretty much figured out on the first day. He even pointed out to me how you were all posting with the binary crap and the chicken gifs. I tried to lead him astray. I suggested that 112 was mafia even though I knew that wasn't true. I actually suspected 112 to be a special or the cult or something.

112 and TS lists are pretty near similar so I thought they were working together. That they were both specials or cult or something. TS made me even more suspicious of this because of the fact that he didn't buy my whole 112 is the the mafia boss line of thought.

If you look back through my responses in the mafia pm I suggested that we mafia kill ts. I suppose I should have told you all why I wanted him to be targeted. The thing is I felt that if he was a special and I had figured it out because of his responses to me that it would be cheating so I didn't let on why I suspected him so much. Perhaps will pm the game host about this?

As for him 'accessing' my account. I mostly go on cdc on my cell phone or my tablet. If I use the computer I do so when TS is at work. I always sign out at the end of the session. So highly doubt he was getting into my account and I am kind insulted that you would think he would disrespect me in such a way.

I do think that he probably should not have posted what he did in the mafia thread till after the game but you guys went to far. Not to mention TS was super drunk last night (like I never seen him this drunk). We were at a wedding all night guys and you pushed his buttons.

To be honest it kind of does feel like you used me as a way to attack him.

This is her pm from the mafia convo.

Firstly, I don't think you understand statistics. Just because you're mafia most of the time has nothing to do with the current game. It's an independent randomization.

Secondly, he didn't accuse the TP that were also spamming GIFS,binary.. No offense but I highly doubt he is intelligent. Where was all this "intelligence" in previous games?

For the record, OTTS was incontact with beluga whale so he had a good idea about who was who so that's why his list was 3/4..

The bolded statement is usually made by people that are guilty and are looking for a way to "lessen" the damage without fully denying cheating.

Trust me, you don't know everything about your boyfriend if you believe that. Guarantee he has acess to your cdc account somehow.

So if you drink and kill someone, you should be excused?

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Lol, not often a mod comes in here.

I say let AppleJack decide how long she would like to take a break for.

If a no game break, great! Welcome her with respect like any other mafia player.

If she would like a break, let her decide how long she wants to set her mind free from this.


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