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Okay now that everyone's shared their views on this matter. I looked through the thread and analyzed TS's posts.

MR said he doesn't have the evidence, so I'm here to present the evidence.

***this may be a long read; if you don't care then simply don't read it***

Okay as pointed out already, a lot of this may seem like circumstantial evidence and it really may be, but I don't think so. I'm almost 100% convinced that he did cheat. I would bet $100 on it.

I don't think AJ fed him anything. AJ seems pretty cool. Maybe TS had access and just didn't tell AJ.

At the same time, it may all be a coincidence. And thats the final thing. We can't say anything because there is no "actual" proof as there was for the BM case. But if this was in a court of law for something else, we would have enough evidence for the jury to make a judgement.

Let's dive in to the evidence shall we? This evidence was not nit picked. These are ALL his posts after the game started except for his very first joke vote at Dral -> which he later changed to Dr. Strange

unvote dral

vote dr. strangelove. the binary, erection posts. much wow, such mafia o:

First round vote. Very early in the game. Out of 30 people, pinpoints a mafia immediately. Taken by itself though, this is not significant. Everyone knows in the first round you pick a random reason and vote someone due to it; he may have gotten lucky (but as you will see later, it's a lot easier to get "lucky" when you have the mafia list)

with locke, prolly mafia for the binary spam too. i have my theory

Still very early in the game. I get called out for "binary spam". It's interesting to note that in this whole game, I've had a whopping total of ONE post of binary and it was 2 lines. He didn't call out anyone else who posted in binary (Fox, 112, Jazz) except for me and strange - the two mafia who did.

ALSO interesting to note at this time that I have NEVER played a mafia game with TS. I also have had MINIMAL interaction with him on CDC (maybe 1 post as a quote?). This will come into play later.

vote Zfetch. thats what the liquor's tellin me

Second round vote. No discussion at all. Another shot in the dark to pinpoint a mafia with no explanation. What happened to "being able to read everyone very well?" Hahaha I dont think so. Put yourself in his shoes. If he really read Zfetch very well and thought he was mafia, he would point out WHY and WHY other people should vote him. At this point, he had no "excuse" to vote out zfetch (like the stupid excuse for my binary "spam").

start with strangelove, one of the binary spammers. guaranteed he's mafia. start from there. TP will thank me

unvote zfetch

vote Dr. Strangelove

Once he realized that his vote for Zfetch wasn't gonna catch on, he decided to try to get out Strange with the "binary spammer" excuse that we've already debunked earlier on. Notice his confidence? I would be confident too if I had all the names of the mafia members.

... (Continued)

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Aj being mafia's sacrificial lamb XD

This was already discussed by virt earlier and this is what made virt certain that he cheated. This is a huge piece of evidence. Once again, notice the confidence in his posts.

still think we should investigate strangelove and heffy. notice how i targeted them twice, and not once did they even try to defend themselves. cat got your tongue? ;D

So Strange didnt get voted out last round, he tries again. AND Now he's added heffy randomly. Notice how he targeted them twice? Wait what? No? OH WAIT, He didnt target Heffy even once?! Wut? Haha slip up here by TS.

well when you have 30 people playing this game it's a huge cluster ****. put the more active people on the mafia side, which narrows this thing down completely.

heff is my prime suspect. not only with the binary/erection gif spam, but that's not his posting style. aladeen starting it, is something he would do in any thread. heff's trying to blend in way too well here

vote king heffy

my watch is has always been strangelove, now add VIC, wellwood and johnlocke. buddah's hand and wellwood have been pretty useless for the tp side. pretty much doing the culture this game's developed by pussyfooting around everything, try to play under the radar. i'm thinking VIC because he hasn't been overly active, voted for AJ's sacrifice (when is she not mafia in these games? easy scapegoat) and hopped on the bandwagon to lynch otherwise. he's someone who's very good at this game-- really understands the psychology of it, but the inactivity and showing up just to vote kinda gives this one away

Now we come onto this post. This is the greatest post ever. GOAT. This is the single post that told me he cheated.

First, lets look at his vote. Heff is his prime suspect? ARE YOU SURE? I thought you were calling out Dr. Strange for the longest time! Now it's Heff randomly. Why? Oh maybe its because Dr. Strange lynch didnt pick up, but the Heff lynch was sure gaining steam. Can't go wrong with either one, but let's get one of them out for sure. Once again using the binary excuse to get out heff. Jeez looks like everyone who posts in binary is mafia right? OH except for all the people who aren't in the mafia PM of course.

And then his list. Including his vote, 5/6 people in his post are mafia. FIVE OUT OF SIX. Even the greatest mafia players aren't that good. Doesn't this remind you of someone? Big Mike perhaps? He threw in wellwood, a non mafia, to make it seem less suspicious. It doesn't matter at this point. Now that we've looked at all the evidence, he might as well have just posted all the mafia names in one post. It's pretty clear to see he cheated.

This whole game up until this point, he hasn't called out VIC or BH. Now he has to make an excuse to get the TP to know about those 2. So he makes up more BS. However, doesn't call out any other non-mafia except for WW. No analysis; no posts on them; nothing. Why bother calling out TP when you have the mafia list right?

And then he throws my name in there. No evidence; no reason. Just got a "read". Once again, remember that I haven't played a single game with him. Even one of the best people at reading me, Time Lord, called me as most likely TP. 112 and BW also thought that I was more TP than not. In fact, no other person called me out this whole game as being suspicious.

Now to all the people who are claiming that his list was similar to 112's or someone else's. ARE THEY REALLY? Think about it. 112 is a good player, she knows how to pick out the mafia. So chances are she's gonna be right on some of them. The "similarities" only refer to dr strange and heffy. No one else thought BH, VIC, or I were mafia. Notice how everyone else's list contains A LOT OF TP and A LOT OF EXPLANATION. His list had ONE TP. Why would he waste his time on TPs?

So no, his "list" is not due to his "deductive powers".

i wouldn't let someone off the hook solely for that

Lastly, this post before he was lynched. He was responding to BW. BW said VIC wasn't suspicious because he said beforehand he was gonna be inactive. TS actually does make a good point with this post ... if you only look at this post and ignore everything above.
Now lets take a minute and realize In this whole game, he did not once, have a nightfall vote for a non mafia.
Okay so now my thoughts past the fact I know he cheated. So he cheated, what now? I don't think banning him for a year was really necessary. If he wanted to come back (even BM), I would be okay to that. The thing that pissed me off was his reaction.
Like honestly. You were caught. Just admit to it and don't throw a tantrum and ruin the game for everyone else. His reaction was the last piece of evidence.
OKAY lets pretend in another world that he actually DIDN'T cheat (hard to fathom, I know). Unless you are actually a 5 year old girl, you calmly would explain that you didnt, and you didn't appreciate the backlash. Then you LEAVE THE GAME ALONE. Let everyone else finish. In his response to Virt asking if he cheated, he suggested that he had some superior knowledge of how to read everyone and we were attacking him because we weren't as "smart" as him lol (I guarantee I'm smarter than you bruh).
I'm pissed because this game was actually really fun and we had a lot of returning players. Also, VIRT put a lot of effort into this game and it gets ruined by a bitter cheater.
Then I read that he claims he was attacked. More lies... NOT one person attacked him in the mafia PM. Not one person attacked him until after he stopped the game. If you want an invite to the mafia PM to see for yourself, I can do it. We were very confused and some of us even gave him the benefit of the doubt. Virt suggested that he could gave us an extra kill to take out TS, but we refused saying that it wasn't fair because he wasn't confirmed and we used our actual mafia kill on him.
Okay now that's all said and done. I do agree we should let this rest. I posted this because it seemed like some people were turning on virt for being paranoid and such and to suck it up. Put yourself into his position. It would be so much work to organize this game and put in effort for all the nightfalls and keeping track of all the PMs and to have someone ruin it. Lets be a little more thankful to virt?
Okay my rant is over. If you still think he's innocent, thats fine. I'm not gonna try to convince you. I presented the evidence with my thoughts above for everyone else to make their judgement.

Now lets move on and get another mafia game started :)

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