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A Thousand (1000) :)


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Thanks to everyone who makes CDC such a fun place to visit everyday and argue or chat :)

Special thanks to my friends:

Avelanch: for being a smart and informative individual.

Deb: for holdin down the fort and not letting the hoodlums run wild.

J.R.: for being funny but also for arguing.

Apples: for making the funniest GDT's

Qwags: for trying to be my enemy when truthfully I don't make enemies ;)

-Vintage Canuck-: for being the equivalent of "Age of Empires II" for PC.

Lil B: for being lil b - lil b

Makaveli: for hookin us up with the vids and great humour that all canucks fans can enjoy.

BaerOxHitman: for being a really funny person and a fellow islander.

Saniel Dedin: a hee hoo a yes.

TheJazz97: for being one of the funniest people I've seen on CDC, one of my favorites too.

TwilightSparkle: for being the ruler of the White noise.

here's to a million posts :)


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Qwags: for trying to be my enemy when truthfully I don't make enemies ;)

You haven't taken me seriously, but now the true battle begins. You may have beaten me in our glorious race to 1,000 posts, but I can assure you, it won't happen in our race to 2,000.

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