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Woman Gives Birth-Hops Back Online


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A woman in China's Jiangxi province gave birth in the washroom of an internet cafe in Nanchang and to onlooker's astonishment, she came back to her computer and continued surfing, The Shanghaiist reported.

Workers and customers rushed to the washroom after they heard a baby crying and were surprised to see a woman in a pool of blood holding a newborn baby with the umbilical cord still attached.

The staff immediately called for an ambulance and helped the woman stand up, but to everyone's surprise, the woman seemed a more than relaxed of the entire ordeal and returned to her seat to continue surfing, until the ambulance arrived.

The 24 years old woman refused to use the stretcher brought by the paramedics and walked to the ambulance all by herself.

According to reports, the heavily pregnant woman had planned to meet her boyfriend at the internet bar before going to the hospital for delivery, but got hooked on to the internet. While surfing the internet, she went into labour and the delivery happened sooner than expected.

Both the mother and the baby are safe and are recuperating in hospital. However, it is still unclear, as to what kept the mother so occupied on the net that she ignored labour pains and delivered the baby in a public washroom.

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World of Warcraft is srs bzns

"Ok we're going to need the fire mages load up on elixir of the winds. Tanks start pulling , hunters plz pull adds, DK's grip the casters. BRB child birth...."

"Ok, I'm back. Boss is at 80%...."

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