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[Rumour/Speculation] Joel Ward to hit free agency, Vancouver a possible landing spot

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Pretty limited scenarios for him being a good addition for us.

If we decided to retool our bottom six pretty radically by trading Hansen and Higgins (and also not signing Matthias and Richardson... Matthias because he will cash in and Richardson because he will be recovering and not fully fit for quite some time)... then Ward and a couple youngsters could fit in. He would also need to be between $2-3 million and no more than 2 year term.






Ward would be a fine player to be a mentor on a line with a couple young guys. I think with Horvat and Ward bulling their way around the ice, Baertschi could find himself with a ton of room to score goals.

Ward could also be an insurance policy to spend time on the 2nd line if Kassian blows chunks this year.

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Age is prohibitive, but he is the exact type of player the team is lacking. I think some of our vets will be moving on this summer. Higgins? Hansen? Burrows? Bieska? Who knows? But things are stale in Canuck land. I'm a fan of getting Martin Hanzel as a 3rd line centre and moving out Bonino to an eastern team that he will fit in with better. Ward would look great on Horvat's or Hanzel's wing! Then we only need an offensive stud defencemen, another sniper and a big surley defencemen and we are good?

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We have a tonne of wingers that can produce in the 30 point range. Burrows, Hansen, Higgins, Bonino, Matthias (FA), and Dorsett to a degree are all 30 point ish guys. Seems redundant to sign another one, and I'm assuming he'd ask for a fair bit. 35 next season as well... why is this enticing?

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joe ward is an upgrade over kassian and higgins combined.

Joel Ward (34 years old) 34 points. Likely make 3.5+ mil

Chris Higgins (31 years old) 36 points. 2.5 mil

Both combined is a stretch. A huge, huge stretch. Considering Higgins is relied on in all 3 zones and is a key member of our PK.

Edit: Errors.

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Ward would be VERY attractive should Kassian not recover from his back issues, it would also make Kassian and Higgins completely expendable.

At $3.25 million AAV over 4 years I'd be happy to have a playoff performer like Ward here

Make that 2 years and you got a deal.

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Ward is interesting - Vrbata and Bonino do need a big body that gets in hard on the forecheck and goes to the hard areas. If they're in the market for a player like Ward, imo that's where he'd fit.. He may not be ideal in terms of age, cap hit, and foot speed, but he's not the worst idea out there.

What the team really needs is a pair of healthy Zack Kassians - young, and affordable...

I like Baerstchi, but I'm not sure he provides what the 2nd line needs at this point.

Ward is an interesting option if the team makes a change or two where their veterans are concerned - or moved 6 million in goaltending cap haha.

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