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[Reboot] Need For Speed

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EA is annoying, but people get waaay too dramatic about it. All the EA titles I play are great.

And all the ones I play are generic at best. It's kind of what happens when they try and give everything they publish as massive an appeal as possible, with as short a development cycle as reasonable. As a publisher, they have a strong tendency to pick up promising developers, squeeze them dry, and leave nothing behind. It's happened to the best of them.

Need for Speed is one of these generic series. The developing group that made the best of the games in the hayday was disbanded directly after their last entry. I want a good NFS game, and no one would be more excited by the promise of another Underground-like game than me, if I had any faith that they would release a good game. It has to be seen and played, as words don't really mean anything from EA. The promise is there enough that I think most will be keeping an eye out for it, but it really has to differentiate itself from the blahs of these criterion games in the series. Could be good, probably won't be.

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Yeah, I read about that as well. Seems a little odd, since you'd think there would be a single player and they would lose a lot of sales from people without internet.

It's the ultimate DRM for a publisher. EA is not going to stop trying this until they finally succeed. This is not going to be that time. Nobody wants a wonky wifi connection to be the reason they can't play a single player game, especially one where the game is supposed to be trying to win over disillusioned fans who've long given up on a series.

All that, plus Need for Speed is the worst series to try this on. After they ran the series into the ground in the last decade or so, the countries where they have the most major support are developing nations like India and those in South East Asia, hardly known for their infrastructure stability.

It's going to be a PR cluster&^@# in the time leading up to and after the release. I don't wish them luck.

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every reboot this franchise has had has been terrible. They can't do anything right I mean I so looked forward to the remake of hot pursuit and what they gave us was complete garbage a mockery of need for speed.

So sad but true. I could not touch it after carbon as well. GT6 is great the best of the series but it is the same regurgitated game with the same money aspect.

Project Cars is by far the best racer out right now imho. FULL customization of the interface is a huge bonus for me plus it has the E30 m3 so worth it just for that lol :P

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