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Trades that will affect us in 3 to 4 years (Propsals)

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I read an interesting post on HF Boards tonight and it started me thinking about the up and coming drafts.

The posters point was to always draft offensive players in the later rounds, as you might as always swing for the fences in the later rounds, as you can always pick up 4th liners and 6 to 8 defensemen through UFA with not much cost.

So his point was to pick offensive players from rounds 3 to 7, when given the chance.

IMO, we have Horvat, Demko, and Cassels 2 years ago, and Virtanen, Demko, Subban, and Cassels, this last year. Couple that with Baertschi, Gaunce and Jensen to a lesser degree, who all, IMO will, all be solid second liners with possible.

In addition we had Tanev, Kassian, Lack and Bonino

To me this sits well, as will shorten our rebuilt considerable. Our drafting should directed in acquireing

the high pick available,,,,,,and defensive prospects is close in ranking in our range.

I would trade Edmonton to 16th OA + 33 OA + 44 OA for Lack/Hamhuis/ and Higgins

I would focus on defencemen,as they take longer to develop!

So, I am loolking this year, for defencemen at the 16, 23, 33, and 44 positions

Players I would consider for picks next year are Miller, Vrbata, Bonino, Kassian, Burrows and, Vey. Feeling how we will be lower in the standings (all case of these should be deadline deals)

In the 2016 Draft, we would most likely have a 12 to 16 first round pick as well as Vrbata (late first)m Burrows and where from a Late 1st to late second), Bonino (Early 2nd), Miller ( Late 1st to Mid 2nd) , 44 OA, and Vey (3rd Rounder), Kassian is a wildcard and it would have to be for the right asset.

This is all before the Sedin's leave.........Thiis is without trading Tanev and Edler!

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That is exactly my point. GM's should try and scout out undrafted players more often (not that I'm expecting us to find another Gretzky).

yes gretzky was undrafted. In the NHL. but not in the same sense as tanev and burrows. he was drafted,into the whl . Nhl wasnt the only top league back then

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It is a good point OP and it points out how well our prospects are coming along. When you look at Tanev, Jensen, Corrado, Gaunce, Horvat, Shinkaruk, Cassels, Subban, Virtanen, McCann, Demko, it is a good start of solid 2nd and 3rd line players.

Add to it a 2015 1st Rounder, and 2016 1st and 2nd rounder, and we should have a very solid group of players, with the Addition of Baertschi and Kenins. Totaling 16 players from 2010 to 2016.

Tanev will be 26 this Dec., 2015, he will be 30, when our 2016 draft picks reach their 3th year of seasoning. The reason for bringing this up is the ugly question of where we will be getting our elite players from, before our new group of prospects and young guns, start to decline. I am not suggesting that Tanev will be declining by then, but the point remains, that they will be starting to hit 30, one by one, shortly thereafter, with still no elite players in sight.

Janisahockeynut has been a consistent advocate to this all year, and IMO, he has some valid points.

Again our focus should be Elite players.....first liners and #1 PMD in the next 2 years and if that means selling the listed assets below to do it, so be it.......we can fill the voids with Free agents

Have you ask yourselves, this question, when looking at our current group of players? Benning will have to face this in the next 13 months. Pay me now or pay me later is the old adage.

This brings us to the many trades and responses to those suggestions that have been made.

First off, our assets that we do have(Current players, not prospects), will have to be converted into elite talent, not 4th liners, or even 3rd liners for that matter, but first liners. Like I said in my opening comment, we have a very good nucleus of prospects, but no elite prospects.....the point is we have to pick them and nurture them before we come around to having the same old problem of our prospects starting to get too old before the elite players are ready.

This brings me to my second point and that is movable assets.

Now, NTC aside, we have the following aging assets, in order of value;

Edler...................A top 1/2 defenseman on all but 2 or 3 teams...............tradable next year, if you want to chance his consistency

Hamhuis.............Most definitely needs to be traded now, still well thought of, and had a great World Championship

Vrbata.................We have him for one more season, definitely needs to be traded at next years deadline...hope he doesn't choke!

Lack....................Should be packaged with another player to get better return, IMO he is better than any other UFA Goalie, this year

Kassian...............Young enough to keep, and has more value to us, than to others right now.....keep! If only because of that reason.

Miller...................Better to keep, than to sell, his contract is too expensive to move and IMO his consistency is questionable

Bieska.................Don't want to trade.........value is in his attitude..........just time to step back and be a # 5 or 6 or 7

Burrows...............His versatility is too valuable to us to trade for a second, as well as his contract is too much for his value...keep!

Higgins................Replaceable and valuable beyond his production, his contract, character, defense are all valued, but his age???

Hansen................Under-rated, as his speed, defensive skill make him a good catch at a bargain price. Kenins will replace him.

IMO, these assets should be moved within the next 2 years, going after only elite talent, both this year and next are both known to be strong draft years, and if there was ever a time to move, it is in these next few years. Before these assets become too old, and to have our acquired picks, mature at the same time as our young core.

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