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1,000 Posts: A Thank You


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I made it. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank several people.

48MPHSlapShot: Keep shooting those Cory Schneider slapshots.

Apollo: Keep on being positive. One day, you will be vindicated.

AppleJack: Be like your namesake and keep being honest.

Argon: I could make a chemistry joke, but I won't. Please be here to stay.

BaerOxHitman: The ultimate fusion of our future star players, never change that name.


Fox Mulder: The truth is out there, and one day you will find it.

Gstank29: Thank you for posting around 20 status updates per day.

J.R.: bee-with-pollen-241132730_std.jpgOrka: My archrival, I hope our amazing battles can continue.

SabreFan1: One day, your team will return to glory. Never lose hope.

Saniel Dedin: a hee hoo a yes.

Jazz: Well, old friend. Thanks for being there. Never stop chasing that Butterfly.

Time Lord: Good Doctor, keep on dealing with that timey-wimey stuff.

and finally, Twilight Sparkle:tf2___cheers_mate_by_thelombax51-d2zs0iz

Thank you, guys. I hope you'll be around when I reach 2,000 posts and beyond.

EDIT: I know these kinda "celebrations" have done to death, recently, but I just wanted to thank people.

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I have no doubt that you'll catch me and beat me in number of posts ;)

I almost there. However, odds are I'll go offline for a few days and when I get back, you'll be 200-300 posts ahead.

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