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Burnaby mayor ready to be arrested for pipeline opposition

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Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan plans to do what no mayor has done before end his career by getting arrested trying to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Mayor Corrigan went publicly on the record Wednesday night during a BROKE (Burnaby Residents Opposing Kinder Morgan Expansion) meeting, according to Burnaby Now, saying "we're going to ride this thing through to the very end, because if we're not going to win it here, we're going to win it in the courts, and we're going to continue to fight. If we go to court, we're going to go to court with clean hands and ensure we've done everything humanly possible before I stand with you and probably 10,000 other people and get arrested to stop this (pipeline)."

He also said the move will probably be the end of my career but he would be proud to say he stood his ground.

Metro Vancouver voted against supporting the Trans Mountain oil pipeline last week while the National Energy Board continues to review Kinder Morgan's application. The company hopes to extend their pipeline that currently runs from Alberta to Burnaby to Burnaby Mountain and Burrard Inlet.

Corrigan is both a lawyer and politician and has been serving Burnaby as mayor since 2002.

Mr. Corrigan,


A civic leader with integrity and courage for righteousness. Tip my hat to you. Well done mayor.

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Still better than a pipeline

Uh no. The oil is getting to the refinery in Burnaby one way or another. I'd rather it be through the pipeline than trucks and trains. Remember an explosion that leveled downtown Lac-Mégantic?

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