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Boomtown? (the hard truth)...


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With sincere apologies to David & David(superb debut album)...

Smilin' Eddie gets a lil' more flack

Took a yr off to get hip, & his real good came bahh-yyacckkk

Now he grins much too much, gotta' permanent highh-yiighhh :^)

Deals hope for the Jennings, even what with's on the baa-yackkk

He's often floppin' to the ground

Although he'd surely buy your round..

So I say, I say: WELCOME!

Welcome to the doomed town

Mind your cap-hit, JB sees that you'll be Eastern-bound

WELCOME! Welcome to the doomed town

All that losin'

Makes such a suck-ulent sound

Welcome to the doomed town.

Handsome Kevin plays like he's on crack

Crashed into the red line, & he never got bahhh-yaahhhck

Now he jokes much too much, he's the media go-to-guy

& lovves to barn-brawl, though he took one in the eye-yyeye

He's gettin' lost in far-off crowd

Paired with Luca, laugh out loud!

(Repeat Chorus)

So then Bettman arrived..oh great

We're pushin' daisies through a crate


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Nah, it's not all bad, despite the deck being rigged. The team has some great personalities.

Wanted to make reference to one of the best albums of the '80s. Or would we be better off pinning hopes on mediocrity through the wailing Bonnie Tyler?

Give me TRUTH over all else.

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