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May 28-29 2015 Earthquake predicted for west coast


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From Wikipedia:

Under Syzygy (Astronomy)


The gravitational effects of syzygies on planets, especially Earth, are still being studied. It is known that the gravitational stress on the Moon during a Sun–Earth–Moon syzygy can trigger a moonquake, a seismic event on the Moon similar in some ways to an earthquake.[7]So far, no evidence has been found that the Sun–Earth–Moon syzygy can trigger earthquakes. It is considered highly unlikely that any correlation between syzygy and earthquakes exists. This is because Earth is 82 times more massive than the Moon, and thus the gravitational force on Earth from the Moon is trivial compared to the mass of Earth.[8][9]

There is no controversy about the effect of a syzygy on ocean tides. The syzygy produces the more powerful spring tide due to the combined gravitational effect of the Sun with that of the Moon. The spring tides (highest tides) occur at full moon and new moon times while the neap tides (lowest tides) occur when the Sun and Moon are at right angles in the first and third quarters of the Moon's cycle. Spring and neap tides are about 20% higher and lower, respectively, than normal tides.[10]

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I could have predicted this. There's an earthquake every day on the west coast. I'll do one better, I predict there will be an earthquake tomorrow.

Lemme guess... caused by fishermen finding a boot off the coast of Newfoundland? :bigblush:

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It is beyond our current capabilities to predict when a serious earthquake will occur. I say serious because the west coast is right on the Juan De Fuca plate, making it an earthquake epicenter. Seismic activity occurs every day on the west coast, it's just too minor for you or I to detect.

That being said a major earthquake (7 or above on the Richter scale), will occur on the west coast in the future. It could be 50 years from now, it could be tomorrow. Currently, it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict when it will occur. I reiterate this because some of you seem a little uneasy about the whole thing. A major earthquake could very well happen next week but this "scientist" would just be lucky, there's no science behind it, it's just a scare. Since most of us take the risk of living on the west coast always make sure to have an emergency plan in place, in case we get hit by the big one. This doesn't mean you have to live in paranoia, just live your life happily and take the necessary precautions whether you experience it or not in your lifetime.

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For some reason, you don't sound as confident about this being false as you should be. Maybe, just maybeeeeeeeee, a teeny bit of you actually believes it to be true?

i believe in cyclical events and knowing warning signs.

Activity recently along the cascadia fault line the entire ring of fire and generally speaking planet wide has increased to a serious degree lately

That is something i pay attention to especially knowing what is going on just offshore from Oregon.

An increase in activity on this level is worth noting. But certainly not because of an astrological event. But more paying attention to seismic shifts and terrestrial activity.

As such living near the ocean and what they consider a seismic time bomb. Being prepared never hurts

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ok. but i need to now if hes bs

Seismologists who study this everyday,all day, cannot predict large earthquakes. Yes we are on a fault line. Yes we are due for a large shaker. When will it happen? No one knows. Always be prepared though.

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