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B.B. King's Kids Said He Was Poisoned


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Toronto Sun:

A lawyer for late blues legend B.B. King has accused two of the star's daughters of alleging the rocker was poisoned because they are upset over their inheritance.

King passed away at his home in Las Vegas on May 14 after suffering a series of strokes, but his daughters Karen Williams and Patty King have filed police statements sensationally claiming the musician was secretly poisoned.

Cops are awaiting the results of further tests before deciding if an investigation should be launched, but the star's lawyer has now alleged the accusation has been made because the two women were only left up to $5,000 each in King's will.

Brent Bryson tells the New York Daily News, "My guess is the children and grandchildren don't like the fact he's leaving them $3,000 and $5,000 each and then leaving the rest to his lineage for education. B.B. did not have a very high formal education, and he wanted to have his lineage go to college, so he set up a trust that would pay for college and other expenses...

"There are millions, but not the 20 or 30 million that's been reported."

Referring to the women's police reports, he adds, "There's no basis in reality for these ridiculous allegations... (Three doctors) all stated he was receiving the utmost professional care at home, which is where Mr. King wanted to be. He didn't want invasive treatment."

However, Larissa Drohobyczer, a lawyer for the two women, tells the publication, "This has nothing to do with money. They love their dad, and they want answers."

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