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[Discussion] Who Moves Up? Who Moves On?



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One thing is for sure, this year will be a competitive Training Camp. Seeing all the young guns fighting for a spot on the roster will be interesting to watch and we may see some surprises. On the other hand, we currently have too many checking forwards that are good to have on the team, but don't belong on the second line - guys like Higgins and Burrows, making them redundant. We could see some changes to the bottom six where we bring in some young blood and let the older players walk.

We'll see.

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Matthias is as good as gone, and I'd be shocked if Richardson came back. I also see a vet moving. Likely Higgins. I think Eriksson, and Conacher are both going back to Europe at the years end, and Benning will move wither Miller or Lack. It's gonna happen. Baertschi, Markstrom, Clendenning, and Corrado will all get promotions, barring huge moves.

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I think Stanton is more likely to move on than some that are on the moving-on ballot above, which Stanton isn't at present. That's not to say I think he SHOULD be moved, just that there's a reasonable enough possibility he will be to belong on the ballot.

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Movin on:

Matthias - Really liked what he did this year, but he'll be expecting more cash and we have so many centres so...

Richardson - Too bad he was injured for a while this year or I think Benning would do more to keep him

Miller - Trying to have hope Benning keeps Lack

Eriksson - Going back to Sweden I think unless he gets the starter role in Utica. He might though!

Movin up:

Clendening/Corrado - Both doing good in Utica, did alright this season when they did play

Baertschi - Kind of have to because of his contract situation

Markstrom - One of Lack or Miller will be sent out

Gaunce - With a great training camp he'll replace Richardson

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A bit confronting with all the names in front of you. Including guys like Richardson, I believe a casualty, who played with the spirit of a warrior!

Gone. >. In

Stanton. Reinhart

Weber. Corrado

One more D? Wacko: Clendening

Miller. Markstrom

Mathias Baretschi

Richardson. Grenier

vrbata. Virtanen

That leaves a fair whack of cap. And may take till the deadline to finalise. And more is possible. But also leaves us, with other expiring deals, as major players in next summers free agency bonanza...

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Just a thread to discuss who people think will be traded or let go over the summer, and who will get on the big team from Utica or Kalamazoo.

Wasn't sure what to do with Dane Fox and Curtis Valk. Obviously they won't be on the Canucks next year but both have a good shot to move up from the K-Wings to Utica.

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Higgins - Trade

Matthias - Walk

Richardson - Walk

MacMillan - RFA (sign 2 way or walk)

Weber - RFA (sign 2 way or walk)

Biega - Walk

Bo-Sang - Walk

Miller - Trade

Markstrom - RFA (sign 2 way or walk)

Balance of RFA's - sign 2 way (or walk)


Baertschi - Moves up

Clendening - Moves up

Vermette - F/A sign in

Neuvirth - F/A sign in

Stanton - sticks with big club

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Horvat will move up, it's possible that Cassels and Virtanen might get a shot. Mathias, Richardson and hopefully Higgins move on.

No reason to doubt Horvat doing really well again this year. His style of play fits beautifully with what we need on our team and while I think he'll start the year at "3C" for sure, he will likely overtake Bonino for the 2 spot by all star break.

Cassels has been playing well for sure. I wouldn't be upset to see him in the lineup at all. He's more recently been making a name for himself than earlier in the season but players that can elevate their game in big games is something sorely needed on this team. Anybody have some links of highlights to recent games they could pass along? Love to see this guy have a fantastic training camp as well. Thanks in advance.

Ideally, it would be great if Virtanen next season to be the Horvat story from this year. Seems he has the size and the tools, just needs a little consistency. Could be the next Kassian if handled poorly, but our coaching staff I believe has gotten through to Zack and we might finally see him break out. Might be the same with Virtanen. I'm not going to speculate on who I wish we'd picked with our 6th... Virtanen could be a really big player if he reaches as projected.

I won't personally be upset if Matthias walks but Higgins and Richardson moving would effect a lot of things up and down the lines. Our PP alone would likely suffer a lot. I do believe we have younger players that can fill those roles however, and I personally would much rather watch guys work their butts off and winning hard fought games as opposed to a more talented, listless team. Move up the youth.

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