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[Proposal] VAN - ANA

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The Ducks defence is absolutely stacked right now, with Wisneiwski sitting out just about every Duck game since he was acquired. They've got Fowler, Vatanen and Lindholm as young puck moving defencemen who are probably going to be on that team for years to come, and plenty of middle-aged guys to fill the hole Beachemin will leave when he retires which surely won't be for another season or two by the way he's playing.

That leaves a kid called Shea Theodore in a pretty tough place. The kid is 19 and still a fair way away from the NHL, but he's a puck moving defenceman who's played in the WHL, from BC, is a left hander and was a former first round pick. I'm sure Anaheim could squeeze him into their plans going forward, but if the Canucks are smart they'll try and pry him off their hands with a thrifty trade.

TO VAN: Shea Theodore

TO ANA: Niklas Jensen + Chris Higgins + 2nd/3rd round pick (acquired somewhere else)

Why Vancouver does this:

We're stacked at wing with great prospects like Baertschi, Vey, Kassian, Shinkaruk, Gaunce and Virtanen. Jensen is expendable, he's been alright in the AHL but good enough that teams will want him, bad enough that he'll be passed on in Vancouver. As for Higgins, we need to move him and let the kids play bigger minutes.

Why Anaheim does this:

Theodore was a 26th overall pick, Jensen was in the 20s as well. He's still only 19, only played a handfull of AHL games and is far from proven, so a lot could go well or a lot could go wrong with him. Most importantly, there's no way he cracks that defence any time soon, with all the good puck movers over there. The Ducks look like they want an even split of puck movers and physical guys, and Theodore is mainly a puck moving defenceman so he'll never steal time from Fowler, Vatanen and Lindholm. Even if he needs another 2 seasons in the AHL, by the time he's 21-22 those aforementioned kids are going to be in the prime of their careers.

Sure the Ducks team look stacked right now but they love gritty forwards and depth scoring could always help. Higgins gives them 15ish goals from a 3rd line instantly and Jensen gives them a bit of future help too, maybe even some right now. This team is built to win right now and in the future, so acquiring Higgins and Jensen makes sense on both parts.

Canucks defence in 2-3 years:

Edler - Tanev

Theodore - Corrado

Hamhuis - Clendening



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That's a very interesting proposal. I'd love to acquire Shea Theodore to boost our defence prospects. I'd definitely do that trade (Jensen + Higgins + 2nd) but I'm not sure if Anaheim would bite. You raise really good points about their young core and how Theodore may be a redundant player but other teams could probably outbid us if Theodore was put on the market.

Better proposal than most on CDC though. Good job OP.

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No way Anaheim goes for this. They dont need another third liner enough to give up a top prospect for him. Jensen has very little trade value because he is close to bust territory. If they want to ship out Theodore they could get a much better package than this.

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Because the Ducks' window to the Cup is open while the Canucks' isn't, I could easily see the Ducks considering this even though I think ultimately they'd want more for Theodore.

Theodore and Jensen are in very different positions. Theodore is still a very good prospect, Jensen isn't.

Theodore-19 YO, will be 20 YO next season, former late 1st rounder. He's progressed considerably since being drafted. In his D+1 year he jumped from his draft year points totals of 50 in 71 games, to over a point a game, 79 pts in 70 games while improving his +/- from -24 to + 19.

In his draft + 2 year he played only 43 games in the WHL, again being over a point a game at 48 pts in 43 games with a + 17 in those 43 games. He also scored 9 pts in 6 WHL playoff games and played 9 games in the AHL, scoring 11 points in those 9 games.

Scoring wise at least (as well as +/-, in case it happens to reflect his defensive play) he's progressed as well as one would expect for a 26th overall pick including looking good in his Draft+2 AHL stint and the WHL playoffs. He's still a top prospect and has 3 years of waiver exemption left.

The Ducks are strong enough on defence that Theodore is at least a year and probably two from contending for a spot on their blue line.

Jensen? He was drafted in about the same position (29th vs 26th) two years earlier. In his draft + 1 year he improved to a point per game-58 pts in 57 games, which isn't as good as Theodore scored as a d-man in his draft + 1 year. Jensen has played a season in Sweden and two seasons in Utica, being mostly unimpressive in Utica. He has not developed as one would have hoped and has to improve to avoid being a bust. He does, however, have physical skills sufficient to play in the NHL.

The Ducks aren't deep in LW scoring. They do have Etem presumably ready to play a full season for them but they are still short of LW scoring and aren't deep at RW either. Unless their players in the AHL are ready to take over, Higgins should be a help to them in the short term and they have a team with the window to the Cup presently open for them. Adding the chance of Jensen turning it around with a change of scenery and a 2nd round pick to the help Higgins could provide in the short term could make it an enticing package for them.

I kind of like the idea, especially if McCann and Theodore were to work out. Canucks give the Ducks Kesler and Higgins to help them in their quest to win the Cup next season (and this, in the case of Kesler) and a chance for the future (the pick and Jensen) while the Ducks send back Theodore and the pick used to select McCann to help them for the next decade.

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They'd be getting better offers from other Gm around the league. And I'd argue that most gms are aware that Anaheim's stacked at D. Perhaps they'd be interested in aquireing a potential back-up for Andersen, don't now what there prospect pool looks like at G.

So Jensen, Higgins, 3rd and Markström?

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Itd be so sick for shea to be in the system. He seems to be flavor of the mo th so maybr we can sell high higgins cassels for theadore. Im prolly miles off in valuei just feel he is talk of the mem cup and his stock has skyrocketed

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With Benning trying to swap picks for prospects a little further ahead in their development would our 23rd this year get Theodore who was picked 26th in 2013?

We get a PMD that is ready, or nearly ready to step in. Ideally there is a player around the 23rd pick who the Ducks might covet.

If we need to add - maybe Higgins (or another vet to help them now) for a second or third?

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Would anyone do Kassian + Higgins straight up for Theodore then?

Ducks get two middle-6 forwards who can score 10-15 goals, play good defence and good gritty games. Canucks get to hold on to Jensen and hope he's the real deal.

Personally I'd be happy to throw McCann + Higgins (just to get rid of his roster spot really) for Theodore any day and have this as our big lineup in 3-5 years time:

Baertschi - ? - Virtanen

Jensen - Horvat - Kassian

Shinkaruk - Cassels - Hansen

Sedin - Sedin - Gaunce

Theodore - Tanev

Edler - Corrado

Sbisa - Clendening



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I like your thinking, but unfortunately they don't do this deal.

We wouldn't trade McCann for Zack Phillips / Chris Kelly / 3rd round pick or David Musil / Teddy Purcell / 3rd round pick or Gimaldi / Boyes / 3rd round pick etc.

Replace Jensen with a prospect of value - McCann or Virtanen - and they will probably consider it.

If Shinkaruk didn't fall, I wonder if Theodore would have been a Canuck?

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