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(Article) Cory Pronman mock draft


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Cory Pronman did his first mock draft. Has Canucks picking

Vancouver Canucks

Anthony Beauvillier, C, Shawinigan (QMJHL)

DOB: 6/8/97 | Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 181

2014-15 GP: 67 | G: 42 | A: 52

Beauvillier is the best player on my board here, but also provides a skill influx for the Canucks' system. I was thinking that due to the amount of two-way players they have at forward, I should just look at pure offense, but a lot of the best forwards available like Beauvillier, Jansen Harkins, Timo Meier, Sebastian Aho, David Kase and Jake DeBrusk all can play in their own end too. Beauvillier brings the most offensive skill of them all, so he's the pick.


For the article.

What do you guys think?

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More centers? I feel like we'll be drafting for organizational need, and I don't think we really need a center unless it's a 1st line potential type of player. Not really thinking that Beauvillier fits that.

Defense or wing seems like more of a concern for the team right now.

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No thanks.

If we are going to draft another center then in should be someone who has high end potential, basically a top 10 pick. Even then I'd try to pick up a defenseman.

We really need defensemen more than we do centers.

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I dont know who he has selected ahead of him, but just from the list of guys available in that quote Meier would be a great BPA at that pick. No need to take a center in the 1st round, Defense is much more needed in the prospect pool, then wingers

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I hate mock drafts because people who don't know anything about prospects will be carried away and overthink about the specific player and then go into the draft thinking, this is who, the team, should draft at the draft and when it doesn't happen, complain about not picking a player who they knew and thought of coming into the draft opposed to a more unknown or a player that had less coverage. If the player drafted is actually a more known to the fans, then expectations will be off the roof and rarely does the player ever live up to expectation.

In a draft anything can happen. Don't tie yourself to one player thinking we're going to draft him come draft time. Anyone can pick any random prospect and hype him on these boards and have the fanbase all over that player. Don't do it.

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Only draft a D-men in the first round if he can skate like the wind. Most defense man generally take 4+ years and you just can't have that. Better off signing someone.

There's no such thing as redundancy in a draft cause in 2-3 years the team could look completely different. Teams should pick, who they feel is best player available, not for position.

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This is his take on Who he would take if he was in charge of the team.

Picks are

1- Mcdavid

















Jeremy Roy







Vande Sompel






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Personally taking a offensive player is my preference. Centers can move to wing, having too many centers is a good thing as they are more valuable. Also having a converted center on the wing works out when needing players to take draws and PK.

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I feel like Carlo and Zboril are guys JB would like. That's just my opinion though

I really hope that is not the case. http://canucksarmy.com/2015/3/6/should-the-canucks-draft-brandon-carlo

I have a funny feeling that Oliver Kylington will fall into the Canucks lap like Shinkaruk and McCann did. He is a riskier pick than many names around him but probably has higher potential.

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Man, the idea of using cohorts to predict future player success has already been tried and failed. Vollman's method of measuring performance that already happened was fine, but trying to predict future performance based on cohorts didn't go anywhere. Just too many factors to consider. I'm not sure why stat-happy bloggers are going with that now, but I guess it's something to blog about.

That being said, i'm not sold on Carlo either. He's tall though, 6'-5", so he will likely be picked up well before it's our turn, hoping he fills out and becomes a shutdown force. He'll never be known as a skilled guy. The Canucks have had a long history of picking big tough WHL defensemen and have little success. Cohorts!

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Vande Sompel wouldn't be so bad would it.

I have a funny feeling that Oliver Kylington will fall into the Canucks lap like Shinkaruk and McCann did. He is a riskier pick than many names around him but probably has higher potential.

i like kylington too.

I feel like Meier could be our pick, he may slip. he's got size and decent hands... i'd rather a D though

lots of late 1st/2nd round d men, we really should end up with a good one

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I kind of like Nick Merkley. He's probably one of the best offensive guys, however he's not a pure center. I think Pavel Zacha is a guy the canucks should target if they're looking for a big dominant offensive center. He is 6'3 and over 200lbs and is a great powerful skater. His drawbacks that knock him down the rankings is he isn't very good defensively and can be pretty selfish with the puck; normally this is a significant issue for teams but the canucks could use more selfishness sometimes, organizationally the canucks have a lot of passers so he looks like a good fit. I like Matt Barzal, local guy (Delta) plays similar to Sam Reinhart or Sedins. The most pressing issues right now is Defence. The Canucks need a dynamic blueliner like a Provorov (top 10 pick) and maybe a guy that I have mentioned many times in Rasmus Andersson who is like a Swedish P.K. Subban (Build and all).

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