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Where do you guys get your furniture?


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Hey guys, re-doing the living room and was wondering if there's anywhere you guys would suggest checking out in the lower mainland. Looking for a new sofa or sectional, rug, coffee table, side tables etc

Any place you guys suggest looking other than Ikea, the Brick, Sears/Bay, Urban Barn?

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From a furniture store.

Now, it depends on what you want and how long you want it to last.

If you want a cheap couch, Brick (though they have some decent mid range stuff as well - leather couch in my living room - don't buy their "leather like - that stuff is crap).

If you want really nice wood furniture - the kind that will last a 100 years, expect to pay a lot ( I know, our 5 chair and a bench and large rustic table cost us $5000). Bought the same stuff for our bedroom and a cabinet for the living room. Those were from a high end furniture store. Interesting thing about those pieces, bought them when we were still in the Calgary area - but they are manufactured here in the Okanagan - the wood used is wood from trees destroyed by those pine beetles a few years ago.

Other things that can cost a fair amount but are great quality - antiques. We have several pieces.

My bedroom ward robe was built in 1910 and cost us $1500. Also got a matching make up desk that the wife wanted.

My computer desk is a replica looking antique roller top desk. Got that on Kijiji.

My entertainment theatre couch is from Paliser and cost about $3000 - 10 years ago and still looks great.

Ikea if you want modern but crap.

So like I said, it depends on what you want and how long you want it to last.

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Wholesale furniture. thy have a warehouse in langley but you shop online. Save huge money on quality stuff.

Have a link? When I Google whole furniture langley I just get a bunch of different links. From what you have said, it seems like you are talking about a specific site. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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Good quality: http://scandesigns.com/

Moderate to good quality: http://www.costco.ca/furniture.html

Inexpensive to moderate quality: http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/

If you're willing to spend money for quality there's also individual manufacturer sites that you can buy from (or at least research) as well. My absolute favourite chair in our house is by Monte Design. Built in Canada (and like a tank) from sustainable wood, free of flame retardants/chemicals and comfy as @#$%.



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Furniture shopping is the hardest. Most times you are probably going to have this couch/chair/whatever for at least 10 years or so depending on it's quality.

I like Costco online. Found a table and buffet set that was exactly what I wanted. The first one was delivered with a massive gouge in the table so I called them and they took it back no hassles. It did require some assembly upon arrival (attaching the legs to the chairs and table) but as long as you can operate an allen key you can do it.

If I had money to blow I would buy some custom pieces. that fit the style of your place. Though this scares me a little because I bought a locally made couch with a chaise from a shop that sells consignment furniture as well. The couch was built brand new but it hardly last two years before the foam cushions were all warped and ugly. It felt like the seat of the couch was sucking you in. I even gave it to my sister and she and her BF hated it too.

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