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[TBT GDT] Canucks @ Canadiens | 4/22/1975 | Game 5


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Prior to the 1974–75 season, Scallen and his ownership group from Minnesota sold the team to local media mogul Frank Griffiths for $9 million.[15] Also in the summer of 1974, the Canucks were re-aligned within the league and placed in the new Smythe Division. They responded with their first winning record (38 wins, 32 losses and 10 ties), finishing first in the Division with 86 points.[14] Making their debut in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Canucks lost the opening series of the 1975 post-season in five games to the Montreal Canadiens.

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Montreal would go on to win this game 5-4 in overtime, defeating the Canucks.

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I remember some things about this series as I was a little kid and went to game 4 at the Coliseum. The main thing I remember was that the Canucks were every bit as manhandled in games 3 & 4 at home as they were by the Islanders in 1982 in the finals in the 2 home games then. Very similar both times...schooled, dominated and scored one goal combined in 2 games.

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