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[Discussion] When is the best time to trade veterans for draft picks or young players?

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When is the "Best" time to trade veteran players for draft picks or young players?

I personally think you will get the most value out of other teams at the trade deadline. The teams trying to make the playoffs or the contenders trying to add depth to put them over the top are in a weaker position of bargaining. That is why you always hear GMs complaining about the prices other GMs are asking for their players. I think most trade mistakes by desperate GMs happen at the deadline.

At the draft there are more trading partners as all teams maybe open to potential deals. Unfortunately all the teams are focusing on the draft and potential of these young talents can be over estimated. If you are a team that wants to increase the number of picks or move up in the draft, be prepared to overpay. Teams that have cap space available are probably in the best positions of power as they can vulture talent from the cap strapped teams at a lower market value.

In summary I feel the deadline is the time unload veterans for youth and the draft is the time to poach veterans.

I personally feel the Canucks need to unload some vets next deadline... they won't get great value for Bieska, Higgins or Burrows at the draft.

Does anybody else agree with this line of thinking?

What do you guys think?

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You pretty much answered the question - at the trade deadline. When playoff teams are trying to make a strong push with acquiring a player with playoff experience.

Or at the draft. Values are the highest at the trade deadline but at the draft you have more teams interested

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You pretty much nailed it in your post OP. Players have more value at the trade deadline while there are more teams interested at the draft. The deadline is when guys like Bonino, Vrbata, Miller, Bieksa, Higgins, etc. have the most value. Teams that have injuries would definitely overpay to have some insurance in the playoffs.

I think the deadline is the best time to trade guys like Bonino and Higgins. Decent second liner players who have dirt cheap contracts. What team wouldn't want to add a second line centre in Bonino who can play on the PK and chip in offensively for only $1.9 mill? They'd barely have to make any cap space for him.

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Trade deadline is where you get Top Value, but your limiting yourself to trade partners. Draft is usually where you pay a little more as most likely targeting certain picks and trying to trade up.

Mainly comes down to what ever makes sense, if a deal makes sense you capitalize on it and not try and wait untill later when that deal may not be around

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It seems to me easy to generalize too much.

If you have just the right thing for another team at the trade deadline and there's nobody else selling essentially the same product cheaper, you can receive an overpayment.

If you don't, you face two issues:

1. in the case of a reasonably priced expiring contract, the player may well be worth more to a team getting the player's services for a full season;

2. the market may be larger in the offseason;

3. there can be situations develop in the early season (or other parts of the season) as teams either are hit with injuries or start to realize someone isn't producing as hoped.

Really, the answer is you can get overpayment more often at the trade deadline, but that isn't always the best time to move every player.

Meanwhile, I shake my head at some of the names being suggested. I don't understand why people wonder what the best time to trade Bonino is. As with any asset, it is ok to trade if the return is good enough, but actually looking to trade a fine middle-6 center with two years left on a contract that underpays him seems horrible assset management.

As for someone suggesting Burrows, I feel like responding tongue-in-cheek and saying we really need him but if anyone wants to discuss that they can bump the old thread about it.

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