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Stolen taxi ends up at the bottom of a retention pond in northwest Winnipeg

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A Winnipeg taxi cab owner and the drivers who work for him find themselves temporarily out of work after thieves stole the cab and ditched it in a very unlikely place.

Owner Paramjit Gill was scheduled to drive on Sunday and says the overnight driver left the cab in his driveway.

But when Gill went out in the morning, it was gone so he phoned dispatch to see if they could pull up the GPS coordinates.

Dispatch told Gill the car was in the Amber Lakes area just a few blocks from where he lives.

"I checked around all over here and I couldn't find my car,” said Gill. “Then she sent me a little map. She said your cars shows a weird place -In a lake." Sure enough, Gill located the cab completely submerged at the bottom of a retention pond. He called 911 and a water rescue team from the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service showed up.

"Our first concern always is for endangerment of life and we have to make sure that nobody is injured in the process,” said WFPS Platoon Safety Officer Russ Morrow. “Either in the car or in the process of removing it."

Once emergency crews established there was nobody in the vehicle, they worked with a towing company to get Duffy’s Taxi 303 out of the water.

Curious onlookers wondered who drove it into the retention pond and how fast it must have been going to wind up 30 metres from the shore.

"I found that really ridiculous that there's a taxi cab,” said Victoria Shogan who lives nearby. “I don't know how that would have happened."

According to the driver, cameras in the vehicle automatically begin recording whenever one of the car’s doors is opened.

Now that the cab has re-emerged from the depths of the retention pond, it will be up to the Winnipeg Police Service to see if they can recover any usable footage from the water-logged cameras.

"Whether the water plays a role in making that unrecoverable remains to be seen but certainly our hope is they will get some usable footage out of that,” said Const. Eric Hofley of WPS.

In the meantime, Gill has a message for whoever took his car on a joyride and gave it a watery send-off.

"They're probably having fun but I'm losing my job,” said Gill. “I've got no work now for a few days."

Not only that, but when Gill is not driving the car he rents it to other cabbies and now they’re out of work as well.

Gotta love people..there's always the bad apple who does a stupid impulsive move and messes with other peoples livelyhoods.

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Bread. Apples. Very small rocks. Cider! Cherries. Mud. Churches. Lead! A duck!

It's a fair cop...

But yeah, some idiots wanting to steal a car/joyride and then realizing the camera would be there so they had to destroy it somehow. Stupid can't be helped.

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