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Dream Car thread


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Dream car currently is probably a Pagani hyuara/zonda.

911 turbo, gtr, or a gt3 would also be up there on my list. But really, I'd be stoked on any super car. I wouldn't be all that picky.

And to the dude who said tacoma... Wtf? That shouldn't be anyone's dream car.

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I met a guy today who's taking possession of his new 991 gt3 next week. He got to go to Germany to place the order, then got to go to Germany again to break his car in on the nurburgring. He put about 3000km on the car in Germany before it was even shipped to him. It sounded like such a awesome experience. So jelly.

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Fancy cars never really caught my interest. For me, I'd either like a vintage Delorean, or to have an older style VW Cabrio with a 1.9L TD engine swap. Just think it'd be a cool project to work on converting a gas option only car to a turbo diesel

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