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Congrats MR!


8 different players received votes. And interestingly, this was the first game to have 4 different people receive 1st place votes.

Also, this vote featured the closest race yet between 2nd and 3rd place - only one point separated these! I wanted to wait for the last person's votes, since that could've made a difference, but alas, we can wait no longer, so here we go...

With 19 points our 2nd place winner is:

IAmFiction (Flash Flash Revolution)!

And in 1st place with an impressive 30 points we have:

Master Radishes (Canucks Community)!

Congratulations you two and see you in the finale!

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Hey, it's not my fault we don't have 25 players.

We have 23.



5 was Ehrhoffs number in Vancouver.

The first syllable in Ehrhoffs name is Air

Air is something you won't be able to feel when I cover you in salsa and rape you to death.

So uhh, about the game, I think 23 is good enough.

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