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Kick ass job!

Did you consider just having NTC or NMC written in instead of those boxes?

If you are seeing boxes, you are probably using an outdated web browser or something like that.

The No Move symbol is like an infinity sign, and the No Trade symbol is like a T with an extra crossbar.

What browser are you using to view the site?

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While I'm at it, another update on features:

Added a waiver exempt symbol to player pieces. Now you can see who can freely move between the NHL / AHL and who is at risk of losing when waived (still have a few teams to update). ELC (Entry Level Contract) symbol also added.

Retain Cap in trades. Not tied to a specific player, so you can easily add Cap Retained amounts at any time and adjust them.

Injured Reserve: Added injured reserve area. Allows you to call up replacements. IR counts towards cap hit, but relief is given if your team goes over the cap limit.

Next up: Will look at the possibility of allowing the user to select the year. So, you could for example look at how the roster will look at the start of 2016 (or 2017) season, and see what UFA's are available on the market, which RFA's have to be signed, etc.

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